Jim’s Produce: Next Best Thing to the Apple Orchard

One of my soapbox issues is supporting local business and farmers, if possible.  I’ve been heading to the corner of Old 421 and New 421 in Deep Gap for years to get super fresh produce.  Jim’s Produce is owned and operated by local Jim Welch and his family.  He carries items from local farms in season, and some hard to find items, like White Sweet Potatoes (my favorite!) and every apple variety you can imagine!

Find local honey and jarred goods, dry beans (and ham hocks to cook them with!)  cold drinks, vegetables, pumpkins, boiled peanuts, decorative items, and much more!  My kids like the flavored honey sticks, which are a wonderful bribe for the way home: “If you’re good, we’ll stop by Jim’s…”

My all-time apple favorite is Jonah Gold, and you can’t find those in stores.  Others include Arkansas Black, Fuji, Rome, and more!  I would swear that Jim’s granny smiths are way better than their waxy, imported counterparts.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go down 421 S through Deep Gap.  Right before the junction of Hwy 221, toward W Jefferson, Jim’s is on the right!  You’ll see the signs.


  1. looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  2. Thanks for sharing! I really need to go down there. Do you know their hours?

  3. I think it’s 9am-6pm, but let me make sure.

  4. Jim also carries fresh eggs and double yolks. We love them!