A Journey of Love and Adoption

Thanks to guest blogger, Teesa Klear, for sharing her adoption journey with us! You can find out more about Teesa and her family at her blog, The Klear Life! And be sure to read to the end and find out about a fundraiser at Perkinsville Baptist Church on May 27th!


Bill, Teesa and Sam with Pastor Hoarold Bennet, Jr.

Our adoption story started five years ago when we were living in China. I worked for an NGO (non-government organization) doing poverty alleviation in rural settings. Basically, I trained very poor villagers in really remote locations in Southwest China on good hygiene and even brought in doctors for medical clinics at times. We moved there in September 2000, after being married one year, and lived there for seven years.

We wanted to have a child, but after four years of trying, just couldn’t seem to get pregnant. We prayed about it and decided to start the adoption process from China because we love the Chinese people so much and believe we can offer a Chinese baby so much. In our case, we can speak Chinese fluently and lived there for a long time, so we can retain a lot of her heart language and culture for her. Plus, we do plan to move back some day, depending on Sam’s (our two and a half year old) heart condition and whether it stabilizes.

God blessed us with a pregnancy after four and half years of trying to 100_7307conceive, but we felt strongly that we needed to continue the process of adopting a little girl. The pregnancy delayed a few things, however, we finally submitted all of our paperwork a little over two years ago.

My husband works for Samaritan’s Purse now and is a Regional Manager for South and East Asia (China included). We were finally matched with our little girl in April and received permission from the Chinese government a couple days ago to go get her. Sam will stay here while we are gone because he cannot leave the country now, due to his rare heart condition.

There is a Chinese adoption support group here in Boone, where we can introduce her to other children just like her. She is in an orphanage in Southern China and is seemingly pretty healthy. Her iron levels are low, based on her paperwork according to Dr. St. Claire, but she is not anemic.

Our church wanted to help us out, but we wanted to be able to work for it (in a sense). So we asked if they would help us sponsor a fundraiser.

Part of why we are asking for a fundraiser is because the prices have gone up recently for adoption. For instance, on January 1st, the orphanage fee raised $2000. Another reason that we are asking for a fundraiser is because of our son’s heart condition. We had fully intended on going back to China when we came home in April 2007.

fishing-with-dadBut, in August of that same year, we discovered through serendipitous (i.e. God-given) events that he has Brugada Syndrome (he’s the only person in all of Watauga County and one of only a handful in NC). His wonderful heart doctor suggested we stay in the States instead of returning, while we tried to stabilize his condition (he had an internal defibrillator implanted when he was just 11-months old). We had nothing and had to start life from scratch in order to stay here: find a new job, new cars, a home, clothes, furniture…you name it, we didn’t have it. Combine that with almost 10 hospital stays inside of 8 months and we obviously need to do a little fundraising.

God has blessed us in our lives. Sam is healthy and hasn’t had any issues in just over a year and is a great joy in our lives. My husband is employed and we are surprised that we own a home and even have (borrowed) furniture to fill it. We have learned a lot in the last two years, since we’ve been back in the States, and most klearsimportant of all is that family takes priority. My husband and I both feel very strongly that this little girl, who we will name Carolina, is our first child. She is the child of our hearts who we yearned for and prayed for for many years. We have now seen her picture and are doubly blessed that we have fallen in love all over again because we can finally put a face to all of those prayers. In three short weeks, we will be able to hold her in our arms and finally bring her home to meet her new family.

Our church will be hosting a fundraiser to help us buffer some of the costs of the adoption. Perkinsville Baptist Church (across from New Market on 194 in Boone) will host a spaghetti dinner starting at 5pm on May 27th. Come join us and enjoy a great meal while you contribute to the cause of bringing our daughter, Carolina home.



  1. Teesa. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  2. You guys have been through so much, with such inspiring faith! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  3. Thanks for helping us share our story, Sarah! I’m so proud of the community here on Boone for supporting us so much.