You Know You’re From the High Country When…

beech-feature check Ray’s Snowman-O-Meter religiously during the winter months.

…you do not believe in weather forecasting.

…you predict every new/renovated building will become a bank (with surprising accuracy).

…most directions include a reference to the “Wendy’s intersection.

…you no longer marvel at the incredible two-story Wendy’s.

…you make bets on whether the crawling vehicle in front of your car is a Floridian. .

…you refer to the Boone “Mall” with quotation marks.

…you have eaten dozens of pre-movie meals at Dos Amigos.

…you cannot go to Wal-Mart without running into at least one person you know.

…you know exactly who I’m referring to when I mention “the bearded guy on King Street” (and can probably tell me that his name is actually Joshua).

…you got all excited over ASU’s TRIPLE championship, even if you know nothing about college football.

…you consider the misinformed pronunciation “App-a-lay-shun” something bordering on profanity.

…you dare that Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy to try his little reception trick in the mountains.

…you ditch the jackets when it’s over 45 degrees at the slopes.

…you frequently use the term “going off the mountain” to refer to day-trips.

…you go to Tweetsie Railroad for the best Fourth of July fireworks every year.

…you mourned the closing of the “Two-Dollar” movie theatre.

…every winter rain strengthens your belief in global warming.

…you know someone who has had a bear in their backyard.

…you have tossed peanuts to the bears at Grandfather Mountain.

…you have spun a car around in an icy parking lot just for the fun of it.

…you have prayed for Will Dicus.

…you miss Dairy Queen, as it took with it the last blizzards of Watauga County.

…you consider your town an insignificant little place, but everyone, everywhere you go, seems to have heard of it.

Photo: © 2009 Debby Canady, used with permission


  1. Too cute! Thanks for the good laugh…this is so true!

  2. I always love seeing that list! It is all soooo true. Thanks for reminding me why I love where we live Sarah!

  3. All of these are absolutely on point! Love this list! I, too, use Wendy’s as a reference point for everything in town!

  4. I guess we are official Boone people now. Could answer yes to almost all of those. And update on the bears at grandfather, they now eat treats that are peanut free (I suppose some cub is allergic to peanuts!)

  5. My mom doesn’t like going to Walmart with us in Boone. It always takes us at least an hour to get out of there because we see everyone we know!

  6. The only thing I would dispute is the Tweetsie Fireworks. Bethel Blast was pretty awesome last year!

  7. Hey can we mention how it drops a foot of snow and then within three days the temps will be in the 50’s!!!!! That’s Boone for ya!

  8. LOVE it! I’m sending it to my mom. I can relate to every single one!!!!