Meet the New Mothers of Preschoolers Group in Boone

MOPSMany of you are familiar with the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group in Boone. The High Country MOPS has met for years at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. It has been wonderful, but there is only so much space in one church. After years of being almost at capacity with children in the group, (one year of having a waiting list) we’ve decided to branch out, and start a second group!

  • High Country MOPS, the group at Mt Vernon will still meet there on the first and third Thursday mornings, Sept – May.
  • We will also have a second group, Blue Ridge MOPS, at Alliance Bible Fellowship on the first and third Tuesday mornings.

While being connected by the national MOPS organization, and great friendships, the two groups will function autonomously, and have different flavors.

You can meet the new Blue Ridge MOPS steering team, and find out about MOPS in general at the Tot Lot on Tuesday, July 1 from 10AM – 2PM. Drop in anytime during those hours; we’ll have some light refreshments, and be there to talk to you!

Are you coming? Leave a comment here if you think you might come!.


  1. kristi gragg says

    MOPS has been such a big part of my mommy-life! I pray this new group will flourish and be a blessing to you all! Love, Kristi

  2. i think this will be a great asset to the MOPS community! almost makes me want a preschooler, lol. 😉

  3. Thanks, Girls! Kristi, you were such a great influence on me when you were in MOPS!

  4. I just moved to Boone a week ago and I’m the mother of a cute 10 month old boy- is this available for moms with little ones not in preschool yet? Where is the meeting on Tuesday?