Mom-Cast: Jeff “the ref” Fancher Talks About Kids and Sports, Part 1

Having recently discovered Garage Band on the Macbook, I realized, “Hey! I can do podcasts!” Thus begins our monthly “Mom-Cast” feature. Now, clearly, I have some room for improvement in my interview and entertainment skills, and I hope I NEVER say the phrase “Mmm Hmm” again!

Jeff Fancher has been an asset to the High Country Sports community for several years. You can hear him and his sidekick, Bryce Johnson, each weekday from 9 AM – Noon on AM 1200 WXIT, in their radio show, The Sports Page.

Jeff had so much to share, that our mom-cast has to be presented in three sections. Click the link below to hear Part one, and get answers to these questions:

How should you decide what sports in which to enroll your children?
Is there an age where it is essential to start, so that they will be able to compete with peers?
How should you handle a team or coach that you feel takes thing too seriously for the age?

CLICK HERE: Kids and Sports, Part 1

CLICK HERE: Kids and Sports, Part2

CLICK HERE: Kids and Sports, Part 3

If you have any more questions, please post them in the comments, and I’ll forward them on to Jeff. Part 2 of our discussion will be posted tomorrow.