Mom Squad Readers Recommend: Children’s Hairdressers

Let’s hear it, moms!  Where do you get your children’s hair cut, and what do you like about them?

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  1. Debbie Warren at Headliners cuts my children’s hair. She is fast, inexpensive, and she gives them candy—what more could you want?

  2. We also go to Debbie at Headliners. She is the best. I love her.

  3. Debbie at Headliners is great! Her sister cuts my kids hair and Debbie cuts my best friends boys hair! She has lots of patients and is very good at what she does!

  4. Lynn at Haircraft cuts my kids hair and she is super. She is fast and inexpensive and she keeps a stash of lollypops!

  5. Crystal Turbyfill at Hair Creations has given my son all of his haircuts. She is great! In fact, everyone there is great. If my son gets squirmy, one or more of the other girls will come over to talk to him, read a book to him, let him play with their spray bottles & other supplies. He loves going there – he gets so much attention, his hair looks great & they are very inexpensive. What more could we ask for?

  6. Jennifer Lacy says

    Ditto to Hair Creations! Tina Severt does a fabulous job cutting my boys’ hair. (Mine, too! In fact, we’re going there this afternoon!) She gave them their first haircuts when they were tiny, and they love to go see “Ms. Tina” now. Even when the boys are at their 3- and 5-year-old “squirmiest,” Tina is patient and kind…and still gives a terrific trim! 🙂 Of course, a little treat after the cut is always a good incentive, too. Hair Creations is a great place to get your children quality haircuts from wonderful people at affordable prices!