Mom Squad Readers Recommend: Family Dentists

It has taken us forever to find a family dentist that we love. We found one, then he moved, and we didn’t connect with his replacement. So the search continued. For the past year, we have been going to Dr Jeffrey Lineberry’s Office in Boone, and we LOVE it there!

The hygienists are so great with my kids, and even let us use our own toothpaste. They will file your insurance quickly, and they’ve even called the insurance company, right there, to see if a procedure is covered. I’ve had the beginning stages of Gingivitis for years (TMI?), and Dr. Lineberry is the only Dentist who actually recommended a more proactive treatment than just, “keep brushing, and flossing.”

So that’s my experience. Where do you take your family for Dental Care? Leave a comment and share!

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