Mom Squad Readers Recommend: Preschools

Reposting this article for the updated site.

Some readers who are new to the area have been emailing me to ask about kids’ resources here. What preschools are available, where do you get your kids’ hair cut? Etc. So I’ve decided to let YOU answer these questions, since I can’t possibly have all experience that the mom community can contribute. I have to mention that another great way to connect with other moms and share experiences is to join, a web forum and mom’s group.

So, let’s get right to it.

Where did your kids go to preschool? What did you like about it? (Let’s keep the comments positive. If you had a negative experience, we’ll hear your silence loud and clear)


  1. My three older kids all went to BUMP and it was a great experience! My youngest attended 4 year old at Parkway! It was a great experience because we had a wonderful teacher!

  2. Amy Forrester says

    Rumple Memorial in Blowing Rock was a FABULOUS experience for my children. Ms. Paula is the most amazing, patient, and loving woman, and my children learned so much there. They go on field trips, have music with Ms. Laurie once a week, I just don’t have enough great things to say about that program!!! They start at 3 years old…. If you have a 4 year old I also highly recommend checking out the more at 4 program – it really promotes kindergarten readiness and the Blowing Rock program was a real stand-out.

  3. My 2 year old twins attend Lucy Brock Child Development Center at ASU. The waiting list is huge but they give priority to children with special needs. Because of that classroom diversity of learning styles and abilities, the teachers are really in tune to your child’s individual needs. Also, because it’s a training lab, there’s lots of one-on-one attention from students. PLUS they serve a hot, healthy lunch (cooked on site) everyday and 2 snacks (morning snack is essentially breakfast, and a PM snack.)

  4. I think it’s great for moms to share their wonderful preschool experiences. But it is such an individual choice. I work at the Children’s Council Child Care Resource & Referral and we offer free services for parents to call or email us and we can let them know of current opening in child care. We offer many other services as well. Anyone can visit our website at

  5. All 3 of our children went to First Morning Out at First Pres. Our youngest is in the 2 year old program now. We LOVE it! Such a great, sweet, fun, loving school! Classes range from toddler all the way to a five day a week 4 year old class.It is a great first leaning environment!!

  6. Dell Lowe says

    Both my girls have gone to First Morning Out. We have been very pleased. The adult/child ratio is very good- allowing for much individual attention. It is a preschool program that emphasizes play and social interaction rather than structured learning. This is just what we desired. Lots of crafts and learning through discovery. They were also very supportive of me bringing other children on field trips and allowing all of the family to be involved. We will miss the FMO family atmosphere as my youngest “graduates” this year.

  7. My son stayed with my MIL until this year while I worked. He now comes with me to the school where I teach…Bethel. The Bethel More at 4 program is top notch. I could not be happier with the job that Ms. Hunter and Ms. Charity do. (That is quite a statement, coming from a fellow teacher!)

  8. My daughter went to the pre k program at Parkway when she was 4. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! Sue Wells is the greatest (moved to kindergarten now). I hear that the new teacher is wonderful also. I would recommend this to anyone!!

  9. Both of my children have also attend the preschool program at Rumple in Blowing Rock. I also think that Ms. Paula is the best in the world. In the begining my daughter was very scared but Ms. Paula just made her feel like the most important little girl in the room and it was not long before she ws very excited to go to school. My son went this year and could not wait to get there. My daughter then attended the Pre-K at Blowing Rock as well and was the best experience for her. She was taught all the things that she needed to know for kindergarden as well as get them ready for that transition. My son is going next year and is very excited. He will be a young five so I debate on sending him since you have to go at four and he will not start kindergarden until six. But will it being such a good thing for my daughter I wanted my son to experience the same thing. It also gets them used to getting up and getting into a school routuine.

  10. I have had two children go through the Pre-K program at Mabel. Although they have had a different teacher they have had the same teacher assistant. The program is wonderful! They have worked with my son this year to help him get through his speech problem and they have taught him so many things! I have to say that Mabel has a A Pre-K program as well as A teachers. My youngest son will go year after next and I have no worries about him going!

  11. Marcy Trivette says

    My two older children both went to the More at Four program at Bethel Elementary school and they loved it. Miss Hunter and Mrs. Charity do a great job and the kids learn so much from them. I am an early childhood major at CCC&TI and I had the privilege of doing my internship this past semester in the preschool class at Bethel. I had a great time and felt very welcome there. My 3 year old son will definitely be going there next year!