Mom Squad Review: Beef O’Brady’s, Just in Time for St. Patty’s Day!

Working through our list of “Kids Eat Free” Restaurants, we decided to try Beef O’Brady’s one Tuesday night after dance class. Now taking three young girls out to a sit-down restaurant at 5:30, after spending 2 hours at the dance studio, can sometimes prove disastrous!

I was also skeptical. What we do NOT need is another mediocre, over-priced American Fare restaurant in Boone. Don’t worry, I won’t name names!

I must say I was pleasantly surprised! We were seated quickly, and since there are about 5000 TVs all around the room, the kids were awestruck. It didn’t matter that they were tuned onto sports, as long as they had something to look at. The waiter brought kids’ coloring menus and crayons. He was also very nice to the kids, saying hello to them, and smiling. This friendliness is sadly a rarity these days. The atmosphere was loud enough to drown out the kids, but not too loud.

The kids’ menu looked pretty good, and it helped that they were eating free. I asked the waiter if the macaroni and cheese was just like Kraft, and he said it was Kraft Easy Mac. I wasn’t too excited about this, because it bugs me when restaurants charge $3.00 – $4.00 for something I could make at home for $0.50! So I decided to skip the mac and cheese when giving my kids their choices. The kids got chicken fingers, boneless wings, a hamburger and fries, and they were good quality; the kids liked them.

They got the food out pretty fast; the kids didn’t get restless because there was so much going on in the place! I absolutely loved my Baja Shrimp Wrap. It was a little spicy, but not too much. Judd liked his O’Brady Burger. It was rather big, and he said he could have cut it in half and shared it.

The overall experience of taking our kids to Beef O’Brady’s was great. The price point was kind of high (either that or I’m big cheapskate), but with the Kid’s Night discount, we fed our whole family of 5 for $16.00! That would have been impossible in any other comparable restaurant at regular price. We can barely do that at a fast food joint!

The overall High Country Mom Squad rating for Beef O’Brady’s is four-and-a-half strollers. It’s not five only because we could only afford to go on Tuesday, when kid’s eat free. I do encourage families with kids to go on Tuesday for Kid’s Eat Free night, so if you go, tell them The High Country Mom Squad recommends it!

So what was your experience at Beef O’Brady’s?

**NOTE: Some say that they were only allowed one child per adult, I’m clarifying it with the management.

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