Mom Squad Review: Mountain Bagels

Growing up, it was always a treat to go visit my grandparents in NY. One of the things we always loved was eating fresh NY style bagels! For some reason, that authentic bagel taste is so hard to find anywhere else!

There’s a new restaurant situated right across from the Wellness Center in Boone, that has raised the bar for good bagels in North Carolina! Crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside, but never spongy. Mountain Bagels is owned an operated by a local couple, and they make their dough from scratch! Every time I come out of a great workout, the bagels call to me; especially my favorite, the pumpernickel everything, which you can’t get anywhere else! They also have whole wheat everything, for those who want whole wheat… and everything else! I once vowed never to go there again, because I ate three bagels in one sitting! Of course, I was back the next week.

Mountain bagels is so much more than bagels! Little Pea likes to eat the eggs and the muffins. She also likes to lick the cream cheese off of a bagel, then give it to me. I admit, I have eaten her left-overs before. (blush)

Mountain Bagels’ full menu has a wide variety of sandwiches, soup, vegetarian pitas and wraps. They have a kid’s menu, which I admit I haven’t tried. I usually would rather order a la carte for her, or split something, to be more cost effective. However, the employees are always very nice to me and my kids. They were especially gracious when Little Pea charged behind the counter as if she owned the place, and they smiled as she rearranged their Valentines hearts on the deli case.

So go check out this little gem, and tell them the High Country Mom Squad sent you!

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