Moms Around Town: Blowing Rock

Please welcome another new columnist, Lillie Troyer, who will start off our Moms Around Town feature.  Lillie hails form Blowing Rock.  If you are interested in becoming a “Moms Around Town” Columnist, please contact Sarah!


I am a very fulfilled and happy mother of four. We moved here from Colorado several years ago.  We have been pleasantly surprised at what a great place this is to raise our family. I will be writing a few lines each month here on HCMS. You will find that my writings will be real random and  more than likely will reflect things that are currently going on in my life or in our little town.

This weekend is Winter Fest in Blowing Rock! There are quite a number of things to do that are very family friendly! One of our family’s favorite things to observe is the ice carving in the Park.   The Ice Carvers are very careful to pay lots of attention to detail. It is so fun to see what can be created with ice.

Another family favorite for us is the Polar Plunge. Yes, people actually jump into the icy waters of Chetola Lake!   I would encourage you to bring your family out to watch this.   It really is quite funny to see the people standing in line to do this. The Plunge raises money for Blowing Rock charities.

For more information on the Blowing Rock winterfest, visit

Here are some more events this weekend:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Leave a comment and tell what you’re doing this weekend!.


  1. Amy Forrester says

    Hi Lillie! Good to see you here!

    One thing… I’ve been sick, and was supposed to volunteer to help with children’s activites for Winterfest on Saturday, but have chosen not to share whatever this crud is with all of you and your sweet lil’ youngins. Sooooo, if anyon can volunteer to help, I know they are short at least one (because of me – 🙁 )… and from what I understand, the more the merrier!!!

    If you can help, comment on this post and I will put you in touch with the right people. Thanks!!!!!!

    Amy Forrester

  2. Amy Forrester says

    I just realized it looked like I was asking Lillie to volunteer, when I was actually putting out a call to readers… oops!

  3. We love Winterfest too! I also like the chili challenge, held in the BR school gym, and don’t forget to take a free hayride around town!!

  4. Thanks Amy. I did not think you were trying to peg me to volunteer at all. I am so “not in the season ” to volunteer for things like that right now so when someone mentions volunteering for an event it just sadly seems to go in one ear and out the other! I hope that you are feeling better!

  5. "The Right People" says

    Thanks for the plug AF! I got lots of volunteers from the Boone Baptist Church youth group and a few others along the way, too. Doesn’t seem like it, but this will be the 5th year I have done the face painting and the 11th year we have volunteered to do organize the kids activities. We have WAY cool crafts and prizes this year. (I was in charge of picking out and ordering them this year, so you know they’re awesome.) We have everything from make your own princess tiaras to snowman picture frames. From what I heard this evening when we set up, this is the last free event at Winterfest. A lot has changed since the merchants don’t do it anymore, but we have managed to keep the kids stuff totally free with generous donations from area real estate companies. This year Chic-Fil-A helped out, too. We’ll be giving out Chic-Fil-A stuff so come one by with the kids, do some fun FREE stuff, get your face painted and take home some cool toys and prizes! Thanks again AF for trying to round up some volunteers for me. I’ll get you next year!

  6. I wish I were in town so I could come out to the Winterfest! I hope everyone has tons of fun!