Moms Get in Free at Biltmore House on Mother’s Day

Since Asheville is a short drive, I wanted to alert you about this great deal! Moms treat yourself to free admission to the Biltmore House this Mother’s Day (May 8, 2016).

You will get free admission and a free premium tasting of three wines at the winery. You will need to purchase a youth or adult ticket at the Reception and Ticketing Sales Center in order to get your free admission.

Biltmore Asheville NC

You will be able to celebrate the beauty of spring with the delightful sights of Biltmore Blooms. This year, in addition to majestic sweeps of flowers coloring acres of gardens, America’s largest home embraces this season of new beginnings with the special exhibition Fashionable Romance: Wedding Gowns in Film, all included in the Biltmore admission.


  1. Carolyn Bumgarner says

    How is this free if you’re required to make purchases before your free admission? What if I don’t want a shirt? The companion with you will be paying full price of admssion. I think this is false advertising. Shame on you for using Mother’s Day as a deceitful and dishonorable way of money making. Would you want your Mother to be lied too?

    • Laura Gibson says

      I agree with u that’s not free if u have to buy a ticket to get in free that is false advertising

    • It’s not false advertising. Mom is still free. If any lady came without her kids, how do they know she is really a mom. They’re trying to do something nice. So shoot them if they also make sure they make some kind of profit that day. They do have to pay for staff and upkeep after all. for my family, my husband would still have to pay, regardless. Now I dont. Pretty sweet deal for me, sorry if you want to focus on the negative instead :-/.

      • What about Single Moms? Which I have been. I would not be able to get in free, unless they let me buy 3 child admissions. It is discrimination against any single parent.

  2. You have to purchase a ticket to get in free? Does not compute.

    • Sure it does. It’s Mother’s Day. They’re thinking along the lines of mom and dad come out with their two kids. Mom gets in free. Beats paying for mom and dad. They’re trying to do something nice, and maybe up their sales. They have to pay for staff and up keep…who can blame them.

  3. Thanks for this heads up. We’ve been wanting to go and this gives us a great reason to do it now.

  4. So as a mother who would like to see this with my daughter and her daughter, when would have to pay it get in? The fact that we would spend money while there doesn’t count. No thanks. There is always a catch to the is.

    • Well yeah. THey have to pay for staff and upkeep too us know. So in that case you’d be buy-one-get-one free. Still better than paying for two adults. They’re trying to do something nice, why make it into something negative?

  5. if I came with my daughter and grand-daughter would we still have to pay for the grand-daughter or more

    • Kids under 18 I THINk are normally free. So you’d probably have to buy one adult ticket. Beats buying two adult tickets :-).

      • Sorry, I meant 9 and under. That’s where I would call ahead and see if you could get one mom and a kid in free with one paying adult.

  6. Geez people. Mom gets in free. Yeah, they still have to make money. Restaurants do it all the time…kids eat free WITH paying adult…kid still eats free. Same here, mom still gets in free, with paying spouse or teen (or who ever).Mom is still FREE. It’s not a free for all. What is it with people these days complaining about every little thing when people try to do something nice. If it was me, I’d say forget your negativity, YOU don’t get in free. Geez.

    • Charlene says

      Lol… it’s simple and their still trying to degrade the offer… wow !!! Jus stay at home for Mother’s Day people! Smh… I’ve heard that place is beautiful, never been, not sure what the price of admission is, but would love to go with my grown son & 2 granbabies. I’m sure there will be plenty of people going, an the ones looking at the glass half empty instead of half full… well…. jus go an do what you do every other Mothers Day!

  7. Elizabeth says

    Do you have to bring your child or just tell them your a mom? My son is 15 months old so I don’t think he’d enjoy it just yet. I figured this could be a mom and dad trip but was curious how you prove your a mom.

    • Jen Spink says

      Hello Elizabeth! Yes, you can have a mom and dad trip. Just let them know you are a mom and you will get in free with your husband’s paid admission. Enjoy the trip and Happy Mother’s Day!


    • Sandra Dillingham says

      It’s free for YOU, not for everyone. Do you really want to go to the Biltmore House alone?

  9. Have a question. If my daughter can cime due to work can i still get in free with my husband

  10. I think it’s great!! Thank you for your generosity Biltmore House! I don’t even think we can make it that day but I think it’s nice that you are giving moms free admission with one paying person. All the negative comments are unnecessary it’s not like you have to offer anything free. Thank you for giving and for your generosity!

  11. Karen Jacobson says

    Ungrateful, complaining brats! Screaming discrimination…. Makes me sick! The Biltmore house is trying to do something nice! Buy one ticket, get one free! Next time your grocer has BOGO offers, yell at them too! Grow up!

  12. I would absolutely love to see the Biltmore house and spend mothers day there, but how would they admit a single mom with a 2 yr old without a companion? I’m not sure I have anyone who would join me.. half price? Pay for my child? Pay for the wine?

  13. My daughter and I do things together because she is divorced and I am widowed. My daughter’s son is out of state. We are both deserving Mom’s, but sounds like one would have to pay.

  14. So how much would my husband have to pay?

  15. Tiffany says

    So, how does this work exactly? If I was to go with my husband, do we have to purchase his online then I arrive and get in free? How do I prove I’m a mom without my baby (15months)?

  16. I see so many whining about making a purchase for ‘mom’ to get in free….I see it as my husband is purchasing his ticket therfore I am free, as stated in the top. Just as if my daughter wanted to take me, she would buy her ticket & I would be free. I don’t see the big deal some are making. Did I miss something?

  17. Just wondering if being pregnant would count lol I’m a mom my baby is just still growing. I went on the site and they don’t have anymore information on this subject.

  18. Pam McCall says

    I am just sad that we still in this society do not think about or include the women input society who would live to be mothers but can not. Apparent always going to be a sad and overlooked group of women.