Moms Can Help ASU International Students!

I received an email from a student at ASU, who is working on her senior project.  I knew it was something that we moms could help with, so I am publishing her letter here.  Remember that if you can’t go to the drop off point, contact Bess by email and she will come get them!

For my senior project, I am making kitchen boxes for the international students at ASU. Many Kitchen Suppliesinternational students must buy over $100 worth of kitchen supplies when they arrive in Boone. Often, they must navigate the Appalcart on their first day, and try to travel back to campus, carrying pots, pans, and dishes. At the end of their stay, the students must find somewhere to put these kitchen items at the end of their stay, and often end up throwing them away, which is wasteful and difficult.

Having the tools needed to cook allows the international students to share more of their culture with their friends and host families while they are at ASU. In order to facilitate this more easily and sustainably, I plan to collect gently used cooking items, organize these into boxes for the international students to borrow while they live on campus, and collect the boxes from the students at the end of their stay on campus. I will reorganize the boxes and redistribute them to new international students each semester. The boxes would be provided to the students for free, and would be reused each semester.

As you clean and organize this summer, please keep in mind that some of the items you get rid of could be of use to the international students at ASU. Please do not feel obligated to donate complete sets, as we are happy to have as many or as few of the needed items as you would like to give away (see list below). After discussing these ideas with the International Programs Office on campus, I have a goal of putting together at least 12 kitchen boxes. The international students will live together in groups, and I hope to provide a box for each kitchen where new international students are residing. If you are unable to donate kitchen supplies but would still like to help with this project, small monetary donations to buy uniform boxes, sponges, and dish soap are appreciated (please contact me for more information).

The International Programs Office at ASU has offered to be a drop off place for kitchen item donations. Their office is located in I.G. Greer on campus. If this location is inconvenient, contact me and I can meet you in town to collect donations. The international students will be arriving in early August, but donations later this fall are still appreciated, as I will be replacing lost or broken items.

If you have any questions, feel to contact me. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested in donating!

Thank you!
Bess Smith

Kitchen Items Needed:
Silverware (forks, spoons, knives)
Kitchen knives
Cutting boards
Large serving utensils (slotted spoons, etc.)
Frying pans
Baking dishes
Storage containers
Teapots/ kettles.


  1. What an awesome idea- kudos to this proactive student! The only thing that was preventing me from cleaning out my cabinets is that I wanted stuff to have a good home- now it can! I’m going to clean out my cabinets right nwo.