Moms In Touch Luncheon


All mothers and grandmothers are invited to a Spring Salad luncheon hosted by Watauga area Moms In Touch groups on Thursday, May 7th, the National Day of Prayer. Come join MITI members representing six local schools as they share what has happened at their schools as result of prayer. This event will be held at Grace Lutheran Church on East King Street from 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. For more information, call Windy Whitley at (828) 268-9303, or email

Moms In Touch is a nondenominational Christian ministry whose participants gather for one hour a week to pray for their children and their schools. Started in 1984 by Fern Nichols, there are over 18,500 active MIT groups that meet in every state in the United States and in 120 countries around the world. MIT groups have been praying for Watauga schools since 2000. Currently there are active MIT groups, or a representative iready to start a group, for each Watauga school.

This year’s Spring Luncheon is purposely scheduled to coincide with the National Day of Prayer. “As our nation unites in one accord, praying for our leadership and direction, we invite mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends who are willing to pray for a specific child to join us for a free salad luncheon and to learn more about Moms In Touch,” said former Area Coordinator Sharon Carlton.

“I can, and do, pray on my own, but there is tremendous support as we pray together for our children and their schools,” said Ann Brown, who has participated in Moms In Touch groups at 5 schools. “We pray for everything that affects and influences our children, and for the teachers, school staff and the Board of Education.”

Beth Jesel, who has led the Blowing Rock and Watauga High School MIT groups, shared, “It has been amazing for me to connect with moms and do the most powerful thing I know to do–pray–for the people most precious to me, my children.”

“We are not political, we don’t support causes or fundraise; we just pray,” said Carlton. “We want to be a source of fellowship for Moms who are concerned for their children and to be an encouragement and support to our schools,” said WHS Mom and Area Coordinator Windy Whitley.

For more information about the luncheon, please call Windy Whitley at (828) 268-9303. To learn more about Moms In Touch, visit