Mom’s Wish List for a Spectacular Mother’s Day

Hey dads, what is your significant other wishing for this mother’s day?  Sometimes, flowers and chocolates can be a bit overdone.  Although a beautiful bouquet of flowers is always a fund addition to the kitchen table.  If you are at a loss for creative ideas, I polled some High Country mom’s to see what their wishes were for Mother’s Day.  Here are a few ideas to help mom’s relax and enjoy a day that is devoted to her.



Or dad, how about considering cleaning the house, cooking your wife a nice dinner, or just arranging a sitter for the night and taking mom on a little night out to Ashville or Charlotte?  Or, how about a picnic somewhere on the parkway?

Either way, mom will completely appreciate a day that you have planned all around her.  What are her favorite things to see and do?  What will help her feel relaxed or just have some time to feel beautiful again?  What will show her how much you love her and show her that you still love her and are enamored by her like on the day you married?  What will energize her and help her feel refreshed?

Do you have any creative ideas?  What are some things you must see and do in the High Country for special occasions such as these?

Let us know in the comments below!