November: National Adoption Month

Thanks so much to Makisha Howell for writing this guest post about National Adoption Month!

As an adoptive parent November is a special month for my family. Not only is it the anniversary of the adoption of my little boy, but it is National Adoption Awareness Month.

National Adoption Awareness Month celebrates all aspects of adoption, but a main focus is children and teens living in foster care. This year’s theme, “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent,” is geared towards finding forever families for the many children living in foster care. A 2006 study showed that approximately 129,000 children and teens were available for adoption in the foster care program. Many of these children will remain in foster care until they are old enough to be emancipated from the system. Children of all ages deserve a family. If you think that you might be the “perfect parent” for a child living in foster care more information can be found at the links below.

Ideas for Celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month

Below are some ideas on how your family can celebrate Adoption Awareness Month. In my house we always celebrate our “Forever Family Day” and Adoption Awareness Month both in November. Whether we go to the zoo or have a party, the most important thing is do it together as a family.

* Create a scrapbook with your child containing information on their adoption journey.
* Celebrate your child’s heritage by cooking a meal from their birth country.
* Take an annual family photo.
* Share your adoption story with local blogs or newspapers.
* Donate items, funding or your time to a local pregnancy shelter.

Here is a printable calendar for the month with 30 ideas for how to celebrate

Are you an adoptive or foster parent?  Share your thoughts in the comments!.


  1. I had no idea November was National Adoption Awareness Month. Thank you for the link to the calendar – it looks full of great ideas. I am not an adoptive or foster parent myself, but I would still love to take part in some of those activities designed to celebrate and promote adoption.

  2. Thanks for this post! I love it when we can educate others about adoption, be it international or domestic. What a blessing!