On the Road to Thyroid Healing

Long before we were married my husband was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Most commonly women battle with hypothyroidism so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many High Country Mom Squad readers that may have similar issues.  Our road with hubby’s thyroid has been long.  Shortly after we married hubby has some problems with his doctor in Nebraska who caused him to miss several doses of his medicine by not filling his prescription.  Then, it seemed as though hubby got the wrong dosage because he began having problems with jitters and heart palpitations.  Convinced that there had to be a better way he decided to stop taking his medication and try to treat his thyroid naturally with supplementation.  Our extreme error was that our effort to heal his body was not overseen by a professional.

After about a year without medication I finally convinced hubby to see a doctor after the birth of our first child was born.  Hubby was chronically fatigued and wasn’t really his old charming self any more.  Once his blood was tested for TSH levels the doctor told him that he’d never seen blood work that bad and said that he should be thankful he isn’t in a coma.  The truth is that hubby probably was slowly slipping into a coma.  He slept all the time.  After that he got back on his medication and seemed to get back to normal.  But, over a hear and a half ago hubby started having reactions to food where he got extremely fatigued after eating bread.   All his lab tests turned out normal, but he didn’t feel right.  So, we started to investigate to see if we could find a way to help him heal from whatever has been bringing him down.  Then we found this book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal: A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism and a doctor in the High Country who has taken many of this brilliant doctor’s seminars.

My husband has already been through a few treatment methods prescribed.  The next journey were are about to embark on is a special 30 day diet where hubby has to cut out sugars, grains, dairy, nuts and can only have veggies, meats, and fruits that are low on the glycemic index.   The diet is pretty limited the but ultimate goal is to find out what foods are making him react and also to help his gut heal.  He has begun feeling so bad again that he was actually excited to go on his new limiting diet.  He’s ready to feel like a new man and I’m ready to have my hubby back.

Autoimmune diseases and gut inflammation in individuals is on the rise.  You can check out the article here for more details.  Gut inflammation is common and can actually turn on the autoimmune gene according to the doctor that wrote Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal: A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism.  So, if having thyroid problems, or other health problems it is important to look into some gut healing diets like GAPS or the one prescribed in this book.   Of course, if you are battling something like thyroid disease it is always helpful to have the help of a trained health professional when making major changes like this one to your diet.

Do you have thyroid issues?  Do you seem to have symptoms that remain even though your tests come back normal?  I’d love to hear your story.

I’m sure I’ll have an update in the future about how hubby is feeling!


  1. My situation is a bit different as I was diagnosed with invasive thyroid cancer at 28, and had the whole thing removed. I had a similar experience with food, however, and have been on a low glycemic index diet (after 1 year totally carb free). At first I lost a lot of weight and had more energy. As I got used to the diet and also learned to cook within the parameters, I’ve regained some of the weight. I now cook primarily low glycemic index for the entire family – and we are all the better for it. In particular, my daughter with epilepsy is thriving on this new meal plan. Good luck to you and feel free to email me if you have questions or need some recipes!

  2. Becky, thank you for writing this. This booked saved my life. I too would be happy to share my story with others. I discovered I am allergic to gluten and eliminating it from my diet changes my life for the better. All my symptoms disappeared.
    Good luck to your husband. Again, I’d be happy to share my experience as well.