Parent Meeting Wednesday to Discuss Snow Day Ideas

The following announcement is from the Hardin Park PTO, to explore options and creative ideas to deal with the overload of winter weather we are having.  I have the utmost faith in our educators to make up the learning that has been interrupted by the storms. But it doesn’t hurt to get some new ideas on the table, and take a look at what works, as well as what doesn’t.

Buses with SnowOn Wed, Jan. 19th at 7pm at the Hardin Park cafeteria, parents from Watauga County schools are invited to come together and engage in a workshop/think tank to brainstorm and explore ways to manage our ongoing snow day problem. All are invited. You are welcome to bring kids but no child care will be provided.

The goal will be to develop a list of suggestions for how we can better address our gaps in education on snowy days. A small group of parents will then present a list of recommendations for change to the administration and board. It would be great to hear what ideas you have as we can all work together to promote a positive experience for our children. If you cannot make the meeting, but have ideas to share, please send them by phone (828-964-2618) or email, and we will bring them to the meeting for further development.

Denise Lovin, President, Hardin Park PTO

Also, don’t forget to ask your teacher for extra work to complete on Snow Days, if they haven’t sent one already. Many teachers use the new School Fusion System at to communicate with parents, so if you don’t know your login, be sure to ask.  There are lots of learning games and resources on your school’s website, so if you have access, utilize it!