Pumpkin-Growing for Procrastinators

I’m going to share a sure-fire way to have beautiful pumpkins in your garden (or perennial bed) next summer. How did I learn this amazing tip? From experience, of course!

It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it’s time to put away the hay bales, pumpkins and cornucopias in your outdoor display! What? You already have? Well, this won’t work for you, then, but keep reading anyway!

My tip is this: procrastinate. Leave it out there till the bottoms of the pumpkins rot. (This really won’t be visible by on-lookers, only you will know.) I actually think that in this picture, the offending pumpkins had already been swept behind the bales. Then get your husband to cover the rotting pumpkins with mulch, because if he picks them up, they will just fall apart. OK – Outdoor decorating faux pas averted!

Now, forget about it until the spring, when you will see this:

Transplant to garden (or huge patch of land- pumpkins sprawl like you would never imagine) Voila! Pumpkin Planting for Dummies!

Bonus tip: To grow cute gourds for the fall, throw all your cucumber and squash scraps behind a big tree on the outskirts of your property. Wait till you see a vine growing up with these funky looking cuke-ish squashy things. Put them in your fall display! There you go!

Do you have any Real Life tips to share?


  1. Sarah, you are too funny! I actually still have our pumpkin, uncarved because we just never got around too it, sitting on our porch. Now I know what to do with it!

  2. This is so funny Sarah. We found out this very easy step one year when we forgot about the pumpkin on the porch and it rotted. My husband swept it off into the flower bed and next spring.. Waalaa! We had a huge pumpkin plant.

  3. wayne davison says

    that is a really neat and easy way of doing it. so i guess you could also just take one pumpkin from your patch and bury it before it starts rotting, witch should eliminate most of the smell? if i dont deside to go this direction what is the best way to keep seeds for next year? do you wash them off, freeze them? this is my first year gardening and i picked pumpkins for my kids, witch they are having fun with watching them grow already. if you have any answers for me please get bact to me at my email, thanks.

  4. Hi, Wayne. Here is a good article detailing how to keep pumpkin seeds for the next planting season. http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/vegetable/saving-pumpkin-seeds-how-to-store-pumpkin-seed-for-planting.htm