Questions and Answers with Boone Orthodontist, Dr. R.R. “Kim” Reed {GIVEAWAY!}

Reed Orthodontics is a new orthodontic practice in Boone, located at 870 State Farm Road. Dr Reed and his friendly staff are located in the upper level of the office building there. The Mom Squad is so excited to have them as our new sponsorship partner, and we know they will be a valuable source of information for High Country Moms! As you’ll read later in the article, new patient exams and consultations are FREE, so I encourage you to go on over and meet Dr Reed, ask your questions, and have him look over your teeth or those of your child!

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We asked Dr. Reed a few basic questions that many moms have about Orthodontic care. If you have any more questions, leave a comment below the article, visit their website at, or call Reed Orthodontics at 828.268.9797 for a free consultation


Reed Orthodontics Boone

The reception room showcases the serene atmosphere throughout the facility

What brought you, Dr. Reed, to the Boone area? After practicing in Ocala and Crystal River, Florida for 35 years and treating over 10,000 patients, I transitioned my practice to my son.  However, I was not ready to retire. Visiting family in Boone over the last 10 years, I was drawn to the wonderful people here. I am now expressing my desire to offer orthodontic care to this community.

At what age should I bring in my child to see an orthodontist? The American Dental Association recommends the first orthodontic visit around age 7. As the child begins the transition from baby teeth to a mixture of baby and permanent teeth, the comfortable fit of the new teeth is a significant event. The timeliness of the loss of the baby teeth and proper eruption of the permanent successors often needs observation. Some baby teeth on the sides need to stay for several more years, maintaining space for future teeth, while some of the front baby teeth may not be lost in a timely manner or their loss does not provide adequate space for the new teeth. We can monitor this process to be sure everything is on track.

What will happen at the initial examination appointment? A history will be taken and a clinical exam accomplished. We’ll generate appropriate tests to document any problems and needs. If a period of treatment is recommended, timing, fee estimates and payment options will be presented. Patients with future needs may benefit from placement into our Developmental Supervision Program for recall visits, to monitor changes and choose the appropriate time to address problems.

Do I need to be referred by my dentist to make an appointment? No. The decision to make a consultation appointment may come from your dentist, or from your questions about dental conditions and concerns. A referral is not necessary to schedule a new patient visit. Just call us!

What do you charge for a consultation? New patient examinations, with x-rays if necessary, are free. If deemed appropriate, the patient will be placed in our Developmental Supervision Program and scheduled for routine reexamination visits, also at no charge.

Is it ever too late to have braces? Never! As long as you have healthy gums and teeth, most adults are able to undergo orthodontic care at any age. In fact, many of the new aesthetic appliances were designed for mature adults.


Do you have any questions for Dr. Reed about general orthodontic care?

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  1. Melanie Hollar says

    Did not even think that recycling braces would even be considered. I am happy to know you feel each person should have their own.

  2. Michelle G. says

    I did not know that they sometimes used orthodontic devices on baby teeth.

  3. Michelle G. says


  4. That’s great that consultations are free!

  5. I did not know that a tooth with a crown could move like a tooth with a filling. I have to say I have noticed more adults with braces. Glad orthodontics can be used anytime whether you’re a child or adult.

  6. Laura Combs says

    I didn’t know the recommended age to go is 7. I thought that is something done when they are 14 or so b/c that was the age we went growing up

  7. Doug Uzelac says

    Learned that I need to have a discussion with my old orthodontist.. lol. Interesting FAQ’s. I did learn that you can have missing teeth and still get braces..

  8. Sara Isaacs says

    I think it is great that consiltations are for free. I also did not know that it was recommended for children that are age 7,

  9. I did not realize that you should start consutations at the age of 7. It is also nice to be able to get an exam and xrays if needed at no cost since most people cannot afford dental insurance.

  10. That you should start orthodontic consultations by the age 7.

  11. We just visited Dr. Reed yesterday. Dr. Reed was very knowledgeable and so nice. He and his wife are so sweet!! My daughter is 9 and he did find a potential problem with her teeth and I’m so glad we went. He did an x-ray and everything at no charge. They also take a picture of your child at the first visit, so you can see the changes their teeth make over the years. I would highly recommend him!!

  12. subscriber

  13. Shana Scott says


  14. Shana Scott says

    Why do kids get braces in phases? Why get them as a child (8) and have to go through it again when kids permant teeth all come in?

    • 20+ years ago, two phase orthodontic care was presented as an ideal way to treat particularly children with a significant protrusion of the upper anterior teeth. It bled over to all irregularities. Recent studies have disproved the process as being better than often waiting until care can be completed in a single phase. There were/are practices that use two phase care for a majority of their patients.

      Today, the early examination is not designed to produce two phases of care but rather to intercept developmental problems. Examples of interceptive needs include as a partial list: Early baby tooth loss and need for space maintenance; delayed primary tooth loss or lack of space for eruption of the incisors; irregular position of the permanent unerupted tooth; functional crossbite of the incisors or posterior teeth. Treatment for the problems above might involve removal of primary teeth, space maintainers, short period of braces, expansion devices and, most importantly, continued observation.

  15. Olivia had a Hello Kitty Sonicare years ago I cried when it broke! She’s asked for a new one for Christmas!! She’s 10! Sonicare is an amazing product! There’s no better toothbrush
    On the market !!

  16. I did not know that children as young as 7 are seen for braces.

  17. Yep, yep, I’m already a subscriber

  18. and I follow you all over Twitter.

  19. I didn’t realize that people could floss their teeth while in braces.

    • In fact, it is critical to floss to keep the area between the teeth clean and free of inflamation while the teeth are being moved. The newer bonded orthodontic appliances do not place any material between the teeth and make flossing and subsequent maintenance of excellent tissue health possible.

  20. Tweeting you right now.

  21. My college-aged son is very resistant to braces although he has one badly crooked tooth. Are there health reasons that are NOT cosmetic/vanity-related for having orthodontic work done?

    • When a tooth is severely crooked, oral hygiene is more difficult and due to the irregular position there may be other periodontal problems. Ideal bone and gum health are most easily accomplished when the teeth are well aligned.

  22. Recycled braces? I never heard of such a thing!

  23. subscriber