Random Acts of Zhu Brought Christmas Joy to Needy Kids!

This holiday season has brought so many blessings to our family. One of the best blessings this year has been our focus on giving. We have given to children across the globe through one of our favorite relief ministries, which is always great fun for the kids. And this year was the first year we actually took the kids out to shop for each other. I know, “What were we waiting for?” But it’s just so much easier to get them gifts and get on with it.

They really did have so much fun picking out gifts. The bright eyes of anticipation as they watched each other open their carefully chosen items warmed my heart.

Earlier this month, we were so excited when 104 Zhu Zhu (and Kung Zhu) Pets arrived at our door! The boxes stacked up almost higher than my kids’ heads! The best part was that the toys weren’t for us. We were privileged to partner with Cepia, LLC (the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets) to give these coveted toys to needy children for Christmas!

We chose to give these toys to Santa’s Toybox, a local charity that collects thousands of toys each year for needy kids in our community. The Optimist Club in Boone, NC, and local churches join together to make sure these children have the joy of opening gifts under the tree.