Shear Madness

I had the opportunity to go see an incredibly funny show tonight called Shear Madness. It was at the Hayes Performing Arts Center here in Blowing Rock. Shear Madness is usually found in a few select cities across the country but we get the rare opportunity to have it right here at our doorstep.  I was so excited to see how full the auditorium was for a Thursday night. I thought that there would only be a few people present  since it was a Thursday night but a lot of people showed up!

I found it delightful that the scene was set in Blowing Rock. It was so fun to here all of the local references. Seriously, I wish that I could go back tomorrow night  so that I could sit there and count how many times they  refer to the locals and local areas here.

I almost wet my pants when Tony Whitcomb said that he was “agitato” . It was so so funny. I loved the way that the script was kept current. They kept it humorous when they referred to Desperate Housewives, John McCain, and The Lion King! Which is a pretty broad range.

I thought it was a nice touch in how they got the audience involved  at the end. Please note that it was not embarrassing in any way! I felt like I was a kid again sitting around the table with my siblings playing Clue.Trust me, in these days I LOVE it when things make me feel like a kid again! I like the way the  audience gets to help solve the murder mystery. It  helps you feel like you really do have a voice that gets heard.

If you want to have a good laugh and experience some humor than you really should go see this show. It is showing until June 28th.  Please know that there is some suggestive language (I found it really funny though) and it is suggested for ages 13 and up. If you do decide to go, I would love to hear how many times that you can count the actors and actress’ refer to local places and people in our area. Don’t be surprised though if your laughing to hard to remember to count.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Go do something fun.  Whatever you  decide to do this weekend, please do get a good laugh in. It makes you feel young again.


  1. I am so happy that you loved it! It really is a great laugh out loud show!