Snow Day!

One of the things I love about homeschooling is that bad weather is often the best thing that can happen to us (unless it’s really bad weather and the power goes out). We’re stuck inside with no place to go, and it’s too cold to play outside for very long. What else are we going to do? Even the kids are eager to get to work on days like this.

When public schools have cancellations, I put on a smug little smile and think how glad I am that we can get all of our at-home stuff done without snow days ruining our plans. And since we’re not falling behind on our requisite 180 days of schoolin’, we get to take a guilt-free sun day when spring fever hits!

Of course, when there are a few inches of the perfect kind of snow, we still call it off early and run out for some fun after lunch:

They named her Snow Mommy. Check out the baby bump on that snowlady!

But we’re still ahead of the game! Happy snow day!

What do you do when there’s an official snow day? Keep rolling with your plans (if you’re a homeschooler), or take a day off to play and drink hot chocolate?

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  1. Of course you had a smug little smile. Is there a way to filter whose posts we receive from High Country Mom Squad? I’m really sick of reading your “smug little” posts about homeschooling.

  2. Not all of the information posted on a blog targeting such a large audience will apply to each reader. Most posts are day specific. (Tue – food, Fri. – weekend events, . . . ) You could delete the email on the days that you don’t want to read the post.

    As a point of reference, during the 2010-2011 school year the NC dept. of non-public education reported that 493 students were homeschooled in Watauga Co. 500 students are attending Parkway Elementary School this year.