Special Giveaway: Glidewell’s Restaurant EXTENDED

Many of you have been to Glidewell’s restaurant in Blowing Rock and experienced their exquisite cuisine and upscale casual atmosphere.  We had our 1st Birthday Party for the Mom Squad there, and were treated to a wonderful evening  of food and drink. (as well as a fab cake from Stick Boy)


Owners/Operators PW and Mary Kelley Glidewell have a unique vision for their restaurant:

The menus at Glidewell’s are what really make it a special and unique place. Our goal is to take you on a culinary journey around the world. Our Around the World menu takes you to different cities around the globe that include Marseilles, New Orleans, Tijuana, and Havana to name a few.

This Tuesday, November 17, they are going to take this vision one step further, with a night of New Orleans Cajun food and culture! Glidewell’s chef Skipper Clyburn will create a special Cajun Menu for the night, as you are treated to  Jazz music by local Brass Quintet, King Street Brass. (you CAN still order from the regular menu)

Starting at 7:oo PM, the dining room will come alive with New Orleans jazz, and Chef Skipper plans to present an informational culinary presentation with fun facts, history and more! If you come on Tuesday, reservations are suggested, but not required.

I’m proud to say that my husband, Judd, recently joined the King Street Brass group on French Horn!  I’m so excited that he is playing professionally again, and I hope you’ll say hi if you go on Tuesday.  King Street Brass also includes (pictured from left to right) Chris Watson on tuba, Judd Pinnix- photoshopped in by his wife, Sarah Storms on Trumpet, [former member Joe Brown], Dr. Bill Jones on trumpet, and Dr. Harold McKinney on trombone.

King Street Brass with Judd

To celebrate their first of several regional culture nights, Glidewell’s would like to offer TWO $25 Gift Certificates to two Mom Squad readers!  The GCs are good for any night at Glidewell’s!  This giveaway will run through Thursday night! Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling your favorite ethnic food and music!  (Cajun, Southern Comfort, Italian, French?)  Also include whether you’ve been to Glidewell’s yet. (required)

Leave a separate comment for each extra entry, if you:

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This giveaway will run through Thursday, November 12, 2009, and is open to High Country Residents or visitors 18 or older.  The winner will be announced on our Winners Page and by email..


  1. Shirley Shaw says

    Never been to Glidewells. One of my favorite restaurants in Boone is Red Onion and they have the most wonderful pumpkin cheesecake right now! Does Glidewells have pumkin cheesecake? I would love to see how theirs compares!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to try Glidewell’s yet but am looking forward to doing so. My favorite local restaurant is The Gamekeeper. They’ve been consistently good for many years. As for regional music, just about any of our local bluegrass bands will top my list.

  3. I don’t have a favorite, I just have moods that I go through to what food I like. I have been to Glidewell’s and haven’t had anything that I didn’t like there!!

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  7. I love Glidewell’s. I think my favorite food is Italian. It’s so good and filling. Glidewell’s has really good food and I don’t think I have ever had anything that I didn’t love.

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  9. Italian food is my favorite. I have been to Glidewells a couple of times including the party. I like the eggplant parm the best so far.

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  12. Michelle B. says

    Never have been to Glidewells, but you’ve certainly caught my attention. I’d have to say Japanese is my fav. ethnic food (go figure!)

  13. Michelle B. says


  14. I LOVE ALL food. I have been to Gildewell’s and enjoyed it. I was at the first Bday party. We were treated very nice. I had a pasta dish that was yummy. The sweet potato fries are so good. I had a fancy burger there another time and it was great. I need to get back. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

  15. Michelle B. says

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  17. Right now Chinese is my favorite and I have never been!

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  20. Love, love, love Mexican and Thai food. Looking forward to trying some new dishes at Glidewell’s soon, as I have not had the pleasure yet…

  21. subscriber too 🙂

  22. I love Italian! And I would LOVE to win these – my hubby and I don’t get to many date nights being on a tight budget. And I have not been to Glidewell’s yet!

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  26. Jennifer L. says

    I haven’t been to Glidewell’s yet, but I’m looking forward to the experience! I love all types of food, but one of my favorite dishes is lechón asado y frijoles negros con arroz (marinated pork roast and black beans & rice). As far as music goes, any good live music that adds to the atmosphere and ambiance of dinner out is terrific.

  27. Jennifer L. says


  28. Italian food is my favorite…by far!!!!
    I enjoy many types of music but the 80’s music is the best!!:)

    I have not been to the Restaurant, but if I win, you can be sure I’ll go!!

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  30. FB fan too!

  31. I love any cuisine that has curry- Indian, Carribean, African! AND- I’ve not been to Glidewell’s….yet!

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  34. Huge Italian fan! And I love bar food, too, hahaha!! I had the Chicken & Pasta at Glidewells and it was good! I heard the eggplant parmesean is very good, too.

  35. I’ma subscriber, too

  36. I love German food, but would love to try Glidewells.

  37. I have always loved Chinese Food, but Italian and Mexican come in a close 2nd! I mostly listen to Christian contemporary music, but love contemporary Jazz like Dave Koz, Acoustic Alchemy, etc. Awesome stuff!

    I have not been to Glidewell’s yet, but definitely want to try it out!

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  40. I am a southern girl through and through. Bring on the Southern Cuisine!

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  42. Just sliding in under the wire here….

    Favorite food–anything that is really authentic in its ethnicity. I love GOOD Thai,Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Cajun, TexMex, French, Vietnamese, ad infinitum, food. I love strong flavors.

    And music…whatever music matches the food is nice. And like the food, it needs to be GOOD music.

    And no, I’ve never been to Glidewells.

  43. I subscribe to HCMS too.

  44. AND I follow you on Twitter….

  45. I’m a fan of HCMS on Facebook…and will leave a comment for you.

  46. and going now to post a reminder of this giveaway on my FB profile….Thanks for all you do, Sarah.

  47. Michelle Clemens says

    These rules are so complicated, or my brain is just fried.
    Picking my favorite ethnic food is IMPOSSIBLE! I do like Thai curries… but we always get the conch fritters when we go to Glidewells, I think of that as Bahamamian.

  48. Michelle Clemens says

    I have been to Glidewells. My husband & I like to go there for dates. 🙂

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    I am a Mom Squad email subscriber.

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    I do the Mom Squad Facebook thing.

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    I don’t do the Tweet twit thing.

  53. Mexican, by far, is my favorite food, but not here in the US. You have to go to Mexico, add a little Mariachi music and there is nothing like it.

  54. Michelle Clemens says

    Yay for me, I finally figured out how to quickly post this on FB, too. So I’ve done all of the entries that I can, since I don’t twit.

  55. I love Italian probably best. But also really like Mexican, Indian, and other ethnic foods. Haven’t been to Glidewells best, but love the idea of being able to eat food from around the world!

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  57. oops, forgot to say I love jazz.

  58. Stefanie Cline says

    I have never been to Glidewell’s. Italian food is my favorite right now!

  59. southern food. never been – would love to try it.

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  62. love good food. I have been. and I here the music is gonna be great!! I hope we have a crowd!! lol

  63. I need to apologize to my former spelling teacher!! hear!!!!

  64. Jennifer L. says

    now a FB fan!