Sponsor Spotlight: Coyote Kitchen

If you’ve known me for any time at all, you’ve probably heard me profess my love for Coyote Kitchen in Boone! Ben and Jaime Whitehead are the husband and wife team who owns and runs Coyote Kitchen. Jaime is a Mom Squad Reader, as well.

My family and I recently ate there after church one day, and loved it. (as we always do!) Right after sitting down, we hit the “dining with children” jackpot! We spotted the baskets of toys available for use while we wait. You might say you could just bring toys from home, but we all know that a bunch of “never before seen” toys is much more enticing than any old thing from home!

The “pups” menu at Coyote Kitchen is one reason I like to take the kids there. All the selections are fresh, non-processed food, not frozen chicken nuggets or Kraft Mac-n-Cheese you could buy in a grocery store. My 7 year old got the fish-n-chips, which are actually so good that I got them for my meal once. My four year old and two year old split the cheese quesadilla, a great old standard. For the younger kids, they even offer sippy cups. And a rarity for smaller restaurants, they have a changing station in the bathroom. In warmer weather, the kids love to eat outside on the patio.

Jaime has had a profound influence on me, as far as concern for the environment. Ben and Jaime are the real deal, they really are passionate about being “green,” and I’ve learned a lot just by being around Jaime. Some things they do at Coyote Kitchen are:

  • recycle all glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper
  • switched to all CFL bulbs in the dining room
  • use all biodegradable to-go containers, hot cups, and compostable to-go silverware made from potato starch
  • use all eco-friendly cleaners in the dining room
You can be sure that the beef you eat at Coyote Kitchen is all antibiotic and hormone free, and the menu is vegetarian/vegan friendly. Since they make everything from scratch, you can ask for allergen-free dishes, which is very important for some kids.

One of my friends mentioned last week that she is a little more adventurous than her husband and son, when it comes to food. Don’t forget, they have great burgers, too, and the sweet potato fries, mmmm…

I just want to give a special thank you to Ben and Jaime for helping get the High Country Mom Squad started with their gift certificate and t-shirts we offered. Check out Coyote Kitchen’s menu, and lots more fun on their website, www.thecoyotekitchen.com, and if you scroll down, you’ll see a coupon for free chips and four types of salsa.

Have you ever eaten at the Coyote Kitchen with your kids?

Disclosure: Coyote Kitchen is a Mom Squad Sponsor

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  1. Anonymous says

    I LOVE Coyote kitchen.

  2. Thanks for the info- I’ve not eaten there before but after being able to get this info about how kid-friendly and health-friendly it is- I can’t wait to try it.

  3. YESSS! We love Coyote Kitchen! Phoenix loves the sweet potato fries!

  4. Sarah,

    We ate there Tuesday night for the first time. I left them a note that we came in because of the Mom Squad. You are doing a great job. Thanks.