Studio K Youth Ballet presents: Alice in Wonderland & Peter and the Wolf

Studio K Youth Ballet will present Alice in Wonderland and Peter and the Wolf this weekend! I have a little butterfly and two flowers who will be performing in Alice, so we will be there at both performances!   It is always a treat to see these ballets, because studio owner Cay Harkins does an excellent job of integrating the sweet younger ballerinas with the professional presentation of the older dancers.

The show will be Saturday, May 2 at 7:00PM, and Sunday, May 3 at 3:00PM at Farthing Auditorium

If you are considering coming to the show, here is a little sneak peek:

The Cast of Peter and the Wolf


Gayle Anderson, as the Wolf.  Ashley Harkins, as the Duck.


Eve Smalling, as Peter



Wendy Broderick, as the Bird.  (Wendy is also my banker at Mountain First)


Matt Backe and


Lindsay Kaudelka, as Alice, Abby Foster as the Mad Hatter, Ariel Franklin, as the March Hare


The Cast of Alice in Wonderland




  1. There is Sara in cast of Alice in Wonderland. :). She did such a great job making her costume. Madisyn’s little friend has done asked her to come and of course Sara wants us to come… so we are going to pick one day. This is such a busy weekend.. but I don’t want to hurt Madisyn’s feelings so we are going to squeeze in one of the shows.