Suddenly Showing: If I Were Pregnant Again…

I remember so vividly the awesome feeling of having a living person growing inside when I was pregnant. My youngest daughter is 2 1/2, and I must admit I get a twinge of desire when I see a pregnant woman. But then, I flash back to the months of sleepless nights, and the total surrender of my mammary glands, and I snap out of it!

However, the last time I was in Suddenly Showing in Boone, I was stunned by the clothes. So we decided it would be fun to strap on the fake belly, and try some on! So here’s what I would look look if I were pregnant today:

The jeans and the white pants were SO comfortable, and the shirts are casual, but decorative. These definitely would have been staples in my maternity wardrobe. And check out this fun sundress:

It was a fun foray for me, and brought back sweet memories, but if you really are pregnant, and want some great quality, beautiful clothes that will last through several pregnancies, you must stop in Suddenly Showing.

They also carry nursing apparel including nursing cammies, and baby T-shirts. My favorite tank top was one that said, “I pump milk, not weights.”

Suddenly Showing is the only local boutique to carry Bella Bands. These stretchy bands can support your pregnant belly, or cover your post pregnancy midriff as you nurse your baby. I must also, add that Bella Bands are great for covering the back of low rise pants, even if you’re not pregnant… if you know what I mean! And don’t forget your Moby Wrap, for versatile baby wearing when the little bundle of joy arrives.

You should have seen Little Pea’s face when I came out of the dressing room! Later that day, she touched my stomach, and said with a puzzled look, “Where you belly?” Wouldn’t she be beside herself with a new baby to take care of? So what do you think? Suddenly Showing makes me want to be pregnant just for the clothes!

“So how do you get there?” you ask. Turn on 194 by New Market Center. Turn right after Mike’s Inland Seafood. Turn Right again, immediately after passing Mike’s. Suddenly Showing is right in that building.

Store hours are TUE-THUR: 10AM-3PM; FR-SAT: 10AM-5PM; SUN-MON: closed

Disclosure: Suddenly Showing is a Mom Squad Sponsor