Summer is here!

Summer is here! Are you ready? Let’s get together!
Today marks the final day of school for my school aged kids. I am so ready for summer vacation! All year I feel as though I have been running here and there, always with some purposeful intent to my movement: Getting kids to school, practices, games, music rehearsals, performances, festivals. It seemed that on a daily basis we were rushing to and fro, meeting friends in passing along the way, but never finding more than a moment to say a greeting and a quick goodbye and then out the door we would go to hurry to our next commitment.

While there are still some instances where we stick to a routine, the greatest thing about summer is that we really don’t HAVE to be anywhere. Which means that we can be wherever we want: the library, (love that summer reading!), the pool (we hear that Blowing Rock pool cannot be missed!), the park, (we’ll bring the popsicles)! Are you getting the idea? The good weather (prayerfully), and the freedom in schedule allow us to bounce around to a new adventure everyday. And the great thing about the high country is that there are plenty of adventures to be had.

My favorite thing about these new adventures is the time that we have to reconnect with friends and family along the way. While we have managed to get together periodically throughout the school year, there is just something about the warmth of summer that invites us all to do so more frequently. This is the season for family beach trips, barbecues with friends and visiting with the neighbors that have also recently emerged from their winter hiding places.

No question about it, summer is the season of fun. All year we have been constricted by the self imposed structure of school, sports, music lessons, etc. That is all behind us now. For the next eight weeks we can breathe a little more freely and do things together as a family that we have neglected to do because of time constraints. It all starts today. Are you ready? I’ll meet you at the park. Don’t forget the sunscreen!.


  1. Oh, Kendra! I am SO ready for summer! I can already feel the stress lifting from our school year schedule!