Read Read Read This Summer in Deep Gap!


It’s that time of year that our kids break out in song!“No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher dirty looks!” The Watauga County school year will end on June 8. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for a break. Between the homework, field trip expenses, lunches, school supplies, etc. it’s going to be nice to have a few months off.

However, with all of that being said there is one crucial thing we must have our kids do over the summer. They still need to READ READ READ! Parkway School will kick off another year of the Summer Reading Program. The reading lists are done by grade level and each child is encouraged to participate. This helps keep their skills up. Get your kids to the public library and let them explore and expand their mind. If you are not a Parkway Parent check with your child’s school and see if they have a Summer Reading Program. If they don’t have one take charge and encourage them to start one.

Did you know that the Parkway School Media Center is open to the local residents in and around the Deep Gap area? It’s true! Even if you have young children who will someday enter Parkway School introduce them to their library. The Media Specialist is Teresa Bentley and her assistant is Joan Golds. They are both local residents. Teresa is born and raised in Watauga County and earned her Bachelors degree from ASU and will soon have her Masters of Library Science. Joan Golds is also a local to the Deep Gap area. Her children went through Parkway School! Even if you don’t check out a book, go in and say “hi” and of course get a hug from Mrs. Golds. These ladies are a wealth of information and love their job.

There is a possibility that there will be summer library hours at Parkway School but at the moment a day has not been set. Budget cuts may put a damper on that. Check back next month and I will let you know if they will have a day open in the summer. If you have any questions about how you can get a library card for Parkway School please contact Teresa or Joan in the Media Center at 264-3032.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week. Go in and thank your child’s teacher and all of the support staff. The faculty and staff in Watauga County work so hard to make sure that our children learn everything they can, have healthy meals, they are safe and have clean facilities.

Also this month are the End of Grade tests. Each school will be in need of Proctors. What is a Proctor you ask? It is someone who supervises exams and keeps an eye on the students to see if they need anything and to make sure no one is cheating. Proctors will be needed in Watauga County May 26-28. If you have a few hours to volunteer please contact your childs school.

I hope everyone is having a “sunny” May! Have there been any sunny days in May yet?