Surprise FREEBIE! Belly Dance Classes!

I’ve seen the Mystic Mountain Belly Dancers at some of the festivals around the High Country this summer, and I’m always very intrigued.  These dancers always seem so confident and comfortable with themselves.  Truly empowered as women.  Annie Goodson, Belly Dance teacher says this:

My name is Annie.  I’m a homeschooling mama to two amazing boys.  I am one of the owners of a local “green” business.  And I bellydance – that’s where I reclaim my sanity!  I am starting a new session of bellydance classes in Boone.

A dear friend and sister in dance commented to me, “I don’t know how I could keep on mothering without my weekly escape to bellydance.”  Bellydance provides an outlet for artistic expression.  Moms always find ways to help their children be creative, but mama needs an outlet as well.  Bellydance is fabulous exercise – you’ll move muscles you’ve forgotten you have! Plus, bellydance is a great way to bond with other (grown-up!) women.

The History of Belly Dance? The exact origins of bellydance have really been lost in history. Egypt, Turkey, India and a lot of Africa claim the origins of bellydance.  But no one knows for sure.  We like to say that bellydance began when man first found his heart beat and beat out the rhythm on a drum.  Women walked, swaying their hips and that was the first bellydance.  Belly dancers today are inspired by movements danced all over the globe.  There are specific styles such as Egyptian Folkloric or Turkish or American Tribal Style that some dancers specialize in.  But it really is a blend of cultures.

Annie would like to offer one mom a free month of bellydance classes!  If you’ve ever wanted to try it, here’s your chance! This session begins September 8th and is open to all levels of dancers or wanna-be dancers.  Classes are held at Northwestern Dance Studio on Monday nights at 7pm. You can find more information at the Mystic Mountain Bellydance website (click here)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered!

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I’ll announce the winner Sunday night at 8:00, so you can prepare for Monday..


  1. I would love to learn! I will find something to do with my kids. Whenever I see them at the diversity festival, I am awe struck!

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  6. I started the class once but had to quit because of a scheduling conflict, so I would love to try it again!

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  8. I am up to try it. I was just talking about this with one of the triathamoms.

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