Get Fit the FUN way with Hip Hop Hustle! (FREE class!)

Haley Walton began teaching Hip-Hop Hustle in June of 2009. Almost a year earlier, in September of

Hip Hop Hustle

Me and the girls, after the 2009 recital

2008, I took part in her first adult Hip Hop dance class at Studio K Dance Workshop.  I hadn’t danced in 16 years, and started back with Haley’s class and the adult Tap class at the studio.   I wasn’t sure how I would feel, but it felt good to be in the class with lots of other moms around my age. Some of them had dance experience, but most of them didn’t. We just wanted to have fun and get in shape.  We ended up performing on stage and having the teenage dancers say we were really good!  (This is something many of the participants said they would never do! But they felt so confident after the months of class, they did!).  The choreography is cool, but easy enough for most people to do.

Hip Hop Hustle is a specialized fitness program that Haley has been certified to teach!

Here’s what Haley says about the class, and how YOU can come for a FREE class to try it out!

As a long time veteran of the dance world, I had many requests to teach an adult hip-hop class and prior to becoming certified in Hip-Hop Hustle, I started a new adult hip-hop dance class in the fall of 2008. Much to my surprise there was a lot more interest than expected! This led me to pursue my certification in an exercise format called Hip-Hop Hustle.

Hip-Hop Hustle is a pre-choreographed dance class that is a great workout and tons of fun. People have always loved to dance, so why not dance for exercise? Due to the recent popularity of TV shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars”, fitness classes that offer a dance-like workout have become increasingly popular.

There are many benefits to dancing, including:

Haley Hip Hop Hustle Heart Ball
Haley (center) and some Hip Hop Hustlers at the 2010 Heart Ball, Broyhill Inn

• Healthier heart and lungs
• Stronger muscles and bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
• Better posture, coordination, agility and flexibility
• Stimulates the brain
• More energy
• Lose weight
• Look and feel better

The dancing is so much fun that people don’t care about the benefits, it’s just a great plus!
If you are intimidated by dancing, don’t worry. This class is designed so that it builds and
anyone, any level can do it.
It will make you feel like a dancer with moves that are easy to
follow so if you can hustle… can Hip-Hop Hustle!

Join Haley on Thursdays at 6:30 at Studio K Dance workshop for Hip-Hop Hustle.
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