Anyone Can Dance {pay-what-you-can dance classes}

Did you hear about the new dance program in the High Country?

Anyone Can Dance! is a dance program offering classes in ballet and tap to children ages 3-12 in the Boone area through Northwestern Studios. The program is structured with a sliding scale payment plan depending on income. Donation amounts will be kept private. Classes are taught by Appalachian State students who have a background in dance.

All classes are combination classes, meaning that they are split into two sections. Each class will have a ballet and tap section and students will learn both disciplines each week.

Emily Sharpe says, “I was fortunate enough to come from a family that could afford dance lessons and all the supplies that come with it-costumes, shoes, leotards, tights, etc. However, there are many children who do not have access to dance classes for financial reasons. Dance can be very expensive, especially to pursue more than one area of dance. I want every child to be able to be able to dance and express themselves, so I started Anyone Can Dance!”

For more information on classes and how to enroll your child, please visit the Anyone Can Dance! website.