Family Rhythm Restored Thanks to The Rehabilitation Center

This past Spring, my daughter experienced an unfortunate dance injury. Appalachian Regional Healthcare helped her get back to the dance floor. The following article is her great journey. I am thankful we never had to travel off the mountain to get her the medical care she needed. Hope you enjoy her story!

Boone, NC (December 30, 2015) – The Spink family is very close. Regardless of the activity, Scott and Jennifer Spink along with daughters Madisyn, 12, and Lyndsee, 11, cherish spending quality time together. Whether it’s homeschooling the girls, traveling to all 50 states (they have visited 20 so far), or simply preparing a meal together, the Spink’s are at their best when they are all together.
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Madisyn Spink in her clogging uniform.

Unfortunately, the Spink family cadence was thrown off tempo earlier this year when Madisyn suffered a foot injury while exercising. Madisyn, a passionate clogger with Appalachian Rhythm (a local dance company), feared the worst as she was unable to dance due to excessive pain in her left foot arch. After a quick trip to AppUrgent Care Center, where they were able to reduce the swelling, she was referred to Appalachian Regional Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center (AppOrtho).

The family feared surgery and to make matters worse, Madisyn’s clogging recital and scheduled sleep away dance camp were only a few weeks away.
“Needless to say, there were a lot tears mixed with a lot of prayers around our house that week,” said Jennifer. “As a parent, you never want to see your children suffer, this was hard on all of us.”
Fortunately, after reviewing her x-rays, AppOrtho’s Dr. Evan Ekman recommended physical therapy over surgery and a customized orthotics device for her shoe. Despite having to skip the recital and dance camp, the Spink family was relieved to avoid surgery and begin the road to recovery.
A few days later, Madisyn had her first appointment at The Rehabilitation Center in Boone. “Initially, I was a little nervous after I realized that I was the youngest [patient] in that big room full of machines and exercise equipment. But that all changed after I met Whitney.”
Physical Therapist, Whitney Barrier, detected Madisyn’s apprehension and reassured her prior to treatment. After establishing trust, Barrier outlined a treatment plan designed to improve Madisyn’s lower extremity arch control, balance and strength.
From Left: Scott, Lyndsee, Madisyn and Jennifer Spink.

“By week three we noticed major improvement in her stamina and balance,” said Jennifer. “By week five, her whole personality changed and I could tell we were going to get Madisyn back.”

After nearly two months of hard work and physical therapy, Madisyn was cleared to return to the dance floor. The good news quickly reverberated throughout the Spink family household causing mom, dad, sister and Madisyn to cheer, sing and of course dance to a joyous rhythm uniquely their own.
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