Appalachian State Introduces Blazing Easels (Children’s Art Workshop)

Does your child love to draw, paint, or be creative? You will be excited to hear Appalachian State’s Turchin Center offers children workshops each Friday beginning in February.

Blazing Easel Workshop Turchin Center

Create fun art with colored pencils, markers, paint, oil pastels and collage. Explore the seven elements of design – line, shape, color, texture, value, space and form. Come play with art materials with other kids ages 7-12 in a relaxed, inviting small group setting led by two ASU students majoring in art. Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 students.

Dates: February – April 2017
Location: TCVA Room 3200
Audience: Children, ages 7 -12
Cost: $60 for all three months or $30 per month

How to register

Call 828-262-3017, or stop by the front desk to register for any Turchin Center workshop.

NOTE: Classes will be cancelled for inclement weather if Appalachian State University closes

Appalachian State’s Turchin Center Offers Child Art Classes

Blazing Easels Child Art Classes


Let your child’s imagination unleash at the Blazing Easels workshops offered at the Turchin Center on the Appalachian State University campus. Each Friday through the first week of December will be a new workshop. You can sign up for one month of classes or for all three months. Here is the line-up of workshops:


Blazing Easels: My Secret Garden

September 11: Wildflowers
Use two different techniques to paint watercolor wildflowers.

September 18: Stepping Stones and Suncatchers
Design and make stepping stones and colorful suncatchers.

September 25: Wind Chimes and Wind Spirals
Make wind chimes with buttons and old CDs, plus wind spirals from plastic water bottles.


Blazing Easels: Ciao Italia

October 9: Gondola and Venetian mask
Paint a Venetian river scene and add a 3-D gondola. Plus, make a Venetian mask.

October 16: Leonardo da Vinci Portrait
Draw a face from the Italian Renaissance.

October 23: Pop-up Architecture
Draw a famous Italian building and make a pop-up card with it.

October 30: Modigliani
Draw and paint a Modigliani portrait.


Blazing Easels: Latin American Art

November 6: Panama’s Mola
Make a folk-art mola from Panama using layers of colored paper.

November 13: Mexico’s Diego Rivera Mural
Students will collaborate to recreate one of Diego Rivera’s murals.

November 20: Colombia’s Fernando Botero: Animal Paper Mache
Make an animal sculpture in the style of artist Fernando Botero.

December 4: Ecuador’s Oswaldo Guayasamin: Hands & Jewelry
Draw hands in the style of Guayasamin. Then design a piece of jewelry and create it using found objects and paper.

How to Register

Email, call (828) 262-3017, or stop by the front desk to register for any Turchin Center workshop.

* Register for all three Fall 2015 Blazing Easels workshops…

…and save $5. Scholarships based on need will be considered. Registration is limited to 20 students per workshop on a first come first serve basis.