Group Piano Lessons Offered in Watauga County

We received word in the last week of a unique type of piano lessons.

Laura Chu Stokes has been a pianist and music educator for forty years. A graduate of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in piano performance, Laura has taught hundreds of students in her private studio and as the director and an instructor at Appalachian State University’s Community Music School (CMS).

Playing piano and creating music can be one of the most personally rewarding activities you undertake. Mrs. Stokes objective as a teacher is to help students:
– establish a solid musical foundation
– foster a love for all types of music
– tackle challenges through patience and perseverance
– learn a skill that will ‘give back’ enjoyment for years to come

Why should you sign-up for group piano lessons?

  • there’s more of a social aspect
  • of peer-learning and a more active/higher energy environment
  • younger students often progress faster in the group (or team) setting
  • older youth and adult lessons are tailored to Recreational Music Making, a genre of lessons that focuses on learning foundational skills, allowing immediate song-playing with the usage of targeted materials and technology – there’s even an option for a Piano Club!

Please visit EZNOTES Piano Studio for more information on the types of lessons and rates.