Kid-Friendly Fun at High Gravity Adventures

As warmer weather approaches and outdoor outings become more frequent, I wanted to share with you a great place for parents to take their kids for some open-air fun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the High Country and experience high-flying aerial adventure at High Gravity Adventures located in Blowing Rock, N.C. High Gravity Adventures is a place the whole family can experience adventure together, and kids as young as four-years-old are welcome to enter the vertical world on their very own Kids’ Course. Below is a run-down of what guests with kids can expect at High Gravity Adventures for the perfect family outing that you can share with your readers. The park just opened its doors for the 2016 season on March 18!

High Gravity Adventures Opening

·         Designed for Kids – The Kids’ Course itself was built lower to the ground with young explorers in mind. Utilizing state-of-the-art systems and leading technology, the park prides itself on adhering to industry leading standards for construction, inspection, equipment and staff training. “Ground School” is also an important first step that each guest must complete before entering the course. This staff-led orientation is where climbers will be introduced to the equipment and course procedures before taking to the air. Parents are also welcome to join their child during this orientation.

·         Explore Independently or Together – For kids ages four to seven, a responsible adult (i.e. parent, chaperone, teacher, etc.) must be present while they are exploring their new found aerial playground. This means after the “Ground School” orientation, parents have the option of heading over to the Kids’ Course for an adventure together with their child or taking pictures from Adirondack chairs from the spacious observation desk – the decision is entirely up to them. The purchase of an additional kid’s ticket is required for parents to explore the course with their child.

·         Juniors and Young Adults – Juniors, from ages seven to 10, can even explore the Adult Course as long as they are accompanied by an adult. An adult must be present to help kids who may not be tall enough to move through all areas of the course by assisting with equipment transitions. Young adults, from ages 11 to 13, are allowed to be in the course on their own, but a responsible adult must be preset on the observation deck. Only kids ages 14 and older can climb at High Gravity Adventures without a chaperone present.

·         Activities on the Course – There are many exciting elements on the course from which kids can choose, such as walking over aerial bridges, crossing tight-rope walks, swinging through floating foot loops and traversing giant spiders’ webs from a height of their choosing. Unlike zip lines or canopy tours, individual climbers can decide what route to take and the height with which they’re comfortable. Whether your kid wants to stay at 15 feet at the Kids’ Course or climb up to 50 feet in the adult course, the decision is entirely up to them at High Gravity Adventures.