Watauga County’s Kindergarten Orientation Announced

crayonsKindergarten Orientation is just around the corner in Watauga County. The dates were announced by the county office for children that will start Kindergarten in August of this year (2015).  Your child will need to be 5 years old on or before August 31, 2015. Children can be enrolled in kindergarten only at the school in their assigned attendance area and parents must attend orientation at that school. Parents who are uncertain which school attendance area they live in should call Transportation Director Jeff Lyons at 264-6391.

Parents need to bring the following documents to register children for kindergarten:

1. A certified original birth certificate; proof of immunizations
2. Two previous month’s power bill or other proof of the current address
3. A copy of a physical exam completed since August, 2014.
4. Proof that the following immunizations have been completed: 5 DTaPs, 4 Polios, 2 MMRs, 3 Hepatitis Bs, 4 Hib, 2 Varicellas, and 4 PCVs

Please contact the school your child will attend to confirm orientation times and any additional registration information you will need to bring to the orientation.

2015 High Country Kindergarten Orientation


Per Watauga County Board of Education Policies, “Watauga County residents with children of kindergarten age and planning to attend kindergarten in a Watauga County school may only attend Kindergarten Orientation at the school in the domiciled attendance area.”