REGISTRATION OPEN – French Class for preK and ages 6-12

Little Linguists

Little Linguists will be offering “French Friday” where they will have both preK and after elementary school classes on Friday in French.  After school is for ages 6-12 (cost is $120/mo)


The preK is for ages 3-6 for children that are potty trained.

This is all about fun and doing it in French!  There will be singing, dancing, coloring and exploring about the French culture.  You will be amazed at how much French your child can pick up while in an environment where only French is spoken.


Do you have even younger ones?  There will be a Toddler time/Baby bonding class on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am -10am for 18 months – 36 months.

Check out their website:

Announcing The All New Little Linguists Language Academy

We are excited about a new language immersion academy in the High Country for children. This academy is a language immersion center for elementary aged children. The founders of this company believe very strongly in the importance of learning foreign languages early in development while the “window” for language acquisition is easily accessible. There is an abundance of research that demonstrates that children who learn foreign languages do better in school, standardized testing and have more opportunity in the workplace.

Little Linguists Language Academy

Why not provide your child with the opportunity to become immersed in a foreign language?

Dr. Carroll Olson, one of the co-founders of Little Linguists, is an Emergency Medicine physician. She uses her Spanish frequently in Watauga, Wilkes, and Mitchell County. It has provided much needed seconds/minutes in life threatening situations.

Krystle Winnie, one of the co-founders, has been teaching children in the High Country for many years in Chetola’s kids camp, through yoga and as a nanny. She has also been a translator for the Universidad de Montevideo and locally in the High Country for at risk youth by lessening the language barrier.

Both Krystle and Carroll are passionate about teaching children foreign languages.

Little Linguists will provide pre-K aged children with four hours of immersion M-F with the ability of the parents to choose M/W classes, T/THR classes and /or Friday classes. A class specifically for Homeschoolers will be in the mid-afternoon and after school classes will start at 3:30pm – 5:30pm for elementary aged children.

For more information and/or to register, please visit their website at