Talk To Me Mamas!

I really want to know what moms want and need from the High Country Mom Squad! Leave me a comment on this post, saying what you’d like to see! Also, there is a poll on the sidebar, asking how often we should update the site. (click here to visit the site, and answer the poll) This is a resource for you, so make your voice heard!

Coming this week:

  • Stop the Madness and Have More Fun Taking Family Pictures
  • Stain Busters (add your ongoing tips for getting out stains)
  • Tongue-in Cheek parenting article.
  • Tips for Getting Real Deals at Consignment and Clearance Sales
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  1. Sarah,

    Congrats on launching this site. Great idea and good way to connect our community.

    I’ve been thinking it would be neat to have a “green spot” – a tip or idea about how Moms can be more environmentally friendly. For instance, I believe the Playhouse is currently collecting yoghurt containers that can’t be recycled around here for a fundraiser. They’ve found a company that will buy them and make them into pots for plants. What a great way to be enviro-friendly and support the Playhouse. Also, you may not know this but the Watauga Co Landfill is full and we haul our trash to Johnson County! You could offer ideas about reducing household waste, etc. If you’re interested, I’d be glad to do some research for you. Just an idea! Thanks!

    Anna Lynch


  2. That’s a great idea, Anna! A friend of mine is launching a new website along these lines soon, also! I’ll be sure to announce it.

    If you want to email me some information about green opportunities, that would be great! I’ll put it in an ongoing post page!

  3. Hey Sarah!
    Just wanted to let you know that I used the site today to find out where kids at free. I went to the Koyote Kitchen because of your add and I LOVED it! Thanks
    I also listed you on my blog as one of my favorite links.

  4. I love the green tip idea!

    How about a sign language “sign of the week”? I know lots of moms that are interested in teaching their baby sign language.


  5. I just thought of something else…
    how about giving tips for creating a blog? I just started mine and am learning how it works.

  6. I like…

    Parenting tips
    Things to do with your kids

    What about vacations ideas?, kid friendly, fun, etc..

    You are doing a good job.

  7. Sarah…
    I think ideas for good literature for children and how to make reading fun would be great!

  8. I agree with Candis about blogging tips. I have had a blog for awhile now and it’s um, less than good lol. I also would like to see a list of places where changing tables are available in both mens and womens bathrooms. Maybe you could make it like a reader involved sort of thing? That way you don’t have to do all the work and if anyone knows where they are or finds a good spot they could post it on here.

  9. Thanks, Sarah. I’ll work on that! I’d like to add that I’d love to see recipes and maybe even menu planning tips. Also, how about activity ideas to do at home with kids on winter days. A few more: home organization, creative correction for kids, ideas for family nights at home like game night, etc., ideas for community involvement and service that are family friendly.

    Anna Lynch

  10. Hi Sarah,

    I love your site. You are doing a great job. I would like to see some organizational tips. Anything to help keep my house more organized. I’m outnumbered here:-). Also, allowance tips and getting your kids to clean up after themselves. Hopefully, you have all the answers:-).


  11. Wow, ladies! I absolutely love your ideas! There are so many possibilities swimming around in my head, I hope I can get them all out coherently! I’m working on a posting schedule to get all these wonderful ideas organized. If you have a specific area of expertise, and you’d like to contribute an article, feel free to email me!

    Keep those awesome ideas coming!

  12. The changing table survey is a great idea. And kid friendly vacation ideas. It would be nice to know economical vacation ideas rather than resort kinds AND vacations that are great for both babies and pets. I can’t go on vacation without my baby and my dog!!!!

  13. Sarah-
    I would love to see craft ideas on your site. Whether it’s something for us Moms or a project we can do with our children. I know that there are LOTS of talented ladies in our areas and would appreciate any idea that they could teach us!

    Thank you!