Tasty Tuesday: Ceviche with Rick Bayless

All right, I’ll confess. We are shameless groupies of television chef, Rick Bayless, his restaurants, and his recipes. Actually, mostly with his recipes. A few weeks ago, my husband was in the Chicago area for business and ate at Bayless’s Frontera Grill twice and his other restaurant, XOCO,  a couple more times because the food is just that good. Finding good Mexican food is like….well, let’s just say that we’re ALWAYS looking. Eating in Bayless’s restaurants has inspired Dave to do his own experimentation in the kitchen with recipes he discovered on Bayless’s site.

Yesterday I came home from a two-day workshop on food fermentation (yes, I’ll be writing a LOT about that over the next few weeks!) to a fabulous dinner of Ceviche ala Bayless. Initially, I was a little hesitant; I’m not a huge fan of sushi or steak tartar  simply because raw meats make me a little nervous. Bayless does a great job of explaining in his recipes how the lime juice in Ceviche actually cooks the fish without heat. Once I overcame my hesitation, I was overwhelmed with fabulous, mind-bending flavors and, yes, textures.

Two types of Ceviche recipes from Rick Bayless

My favorite was Herb Green Ceviche. This fabulous recipe includes lime juice, cilantro, chilis, garlic, cucumbers, and scallops among other things. Pretty much ALL my favorite foods! I was stunned by how COOKED those scallops seemed, in their texture, after they’d been playing in lime juice for a couple hours. I’m linking to the recipe since we followed it exactly…this time. This really is Rick Bayless’s recipe through and through.

Herb Green Ceviche

Coming in a close second was Frontera Grill’s Now-Classic Ceviche. We made ours with tuna and it was just delicious! Again, my fears of raw fish were allayed when I saw how thoroughly the tuna was “cooked” by the lime juice. We loved the spiciness of both of these dishes, which we ate with tortilla chips. It wouldn’t be hard to scale back the heat by using fewer chilis in the prep.

Two types of Ceviche


Check out some of the other great recipes on Rick Bayless’s site. This guy knows how to make good food!

Two spicy versions of Ceviche make a great appetizer

Of course, we’ve only just begun to explore some of these great recipes at our new favorite food site. Because we can never just follow a recipe the way it’s written, I’m sure we’ll do some creative innovating as we explore these delicious foods. Join us over at My Sister’s Kitchen as we PLAY!

Barb, writing at My Sister’s Kitchen


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