Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Halloween Treats

I have to admit something: I love Rice Krispy Treats. Somehow they don’t exactly seem like grown up treats, but I love them anyway.  This week, I need to send treats with my kids to a couple of different Halloween parties. I’m always shooting for things that are comfortably, familiarly delicious but also LOOK like they belong on the treat table for whatever seasonal party we’re attending. This week, I’m resorting to one of my favorites.

Now, you can buy a box of cereal or a bag of marshmallows and find the recipe for these treats right on the packaging. OR you can just sort of wing it, the way I do most of the time.

In a deep stock pot, melt together 1 stick of butter and two 10 oz. packages of marshmallows. Stir frequently so that nothing sticks to the pan and burns.

Once the marshmallows and butter are completely melted together, I dump a box of crispy cereal into the pot and stir. Sometimes I use Rice Krispies; last night I used the cocoa version of Rice Krispies. I used a 16 ounce box of cereal.

While the marshmallow/cereal mixture was still warm and pliable,  I divided it into two parts.  I mixed 1 c. of candy corn into one half and 1/2 c. Reeses pieces into the other half.

I pressed the Reeses Pieces treats into a glass baking dish; after they cooled, I cut them into squares.

I rolled the candy corn treats into balls.

Fast, easy, AND homemade! As you can see, these treats look properly Halloween-y and ready to take to a party!

This week I’ll be posting some other quick homemade Halloween treats at My Sister’s Kitchen, so be sure to stop in and check them out: Halloween Brownies with Attitude and Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls.

Barb Kelley, writing at My Sister’s Kitchen

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