Tasty Tuesday: Make-your-own Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Last week I had the privilege of hanging out with our local MOPS group and I learned a great new way to use good food to make something….great! But this time, it’s not actually MORE food.

Many of the young moms are on a tight budget and don’t have discretionary funds to buy luxury items like bath scrubs very often. One of the (extremely) creative Moms, Becky Parker, taught us all how to make our OWN body scrubs with items that most of us have in our cupboards already. (And check out Becky’s FB page. Her sweet treats are delicious!)

Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub

So, here’s my confession: I’ve never been a bubble bath/body scrub kinda gal. I’ve also never been even remotely willing to fork out a lot of money for things like bath salts or body scrubs. So I am ECSTATIC to find something so easy, inexpensive, and simple. I also love the fact that I know exactly what is going into these body scrubs. I’m not worried about chemicals or fragrances. In fact, I can pronounce all the ingredients….which is far more than I can say for my bottle of shampoo. If you want to take this recipe up a notch in terms of the healthy quotient, use organic ingredients.

Brown Sugar Coffee Body Scrub


Brown Sugar Coffee Body Scrub

This Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub only requires 3 ingredients

  • 1/2 c. brown sugar
  • 1/2 c. ground coffee
  • 1/4 c. olive oil


This is such an easy recipe to follow. Measure out each ingredient into a medium-sized bowl. Stir until everything is thoroughly mixed. Store in an airtight container.


Use brown sugar, olive oil, and non-iodized salt for a finer scrub. You can also substitute coconut oil for the olive oil. If you want something scented, a few drops of your favorite essential oils will make your scrub smell nice.

Brown Sugar & Salt Body Scrub

Brown Sugar & Salt Body Scrub

As I was exploring the world of DIY body scrubs, I noticed that some folks use twice or three times as much oil as this recipe. The resulting scrub is more like a thick liquid paste that you could spoon out. I like the granular texture of this recipe, but I do plan to experiment with the ratios. I also plan to try this with coconut oil.

To use this scrub, take a handful and smooth on your skin, using circular movements. Rinse off well. Having a handheld shower head makes rinsing out the shower or tub a lot easier. If you don’t have that type of shower head, plan to use rags or paper towels to wipe up the coffee grounds. It’s also important that you use a little soap to remove the slick of olive oil from the bottom of the shower so that the next person in the shower doesn’t slip.

I love the idea of using common food items to make a product that would cost me a LOT of money to buy at my local Bath & Bodyworks. Rumor has it that this bath scrub does wonders on rough, calloused feet; that’s what I’m trying next.

And as long as you’re pampering yourself, this might be a great time to grab a yummy slice of cheesecake or flourless chocolate torte from Stick Boy Bread Company. Their desserts are delicious and a great special treat.

Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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