Tasty Tuesday: Planning Easter Meals

Easter TableI’m so excited to be planning my big Easter meal! Spring is here (and seems like it’s sticking around!) I’m trying to plan NOW for this weekend. We plan to have some friends over to join us for Easter dinner and I really want to know how to answer when they ask, “What can we bring?”

The first question I need to answer is whether this will be Easter dinner or an Easter brunch. This year, I’m think I’m going for Easter dinner… but I tell ya, there are some great brunch recipes out there….so take your time deciding which it will be.

Keep in mind that you really can bend the rules of distinction between brunch and dinner. If you really want to serve baked ham at brunch, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with deviled eggs on the dinner table. The point is good food, fresh fruit and veggies, and family and friends all gathered around the table together.


Easter Brunch or Dinner ideas

Brunch foodsBacon Egg and cheese Souffle

Supper or Dinner FoodsChicken Wild rice Salad on Croissants

DessertsRice Krispy eggs

And a cute, last-minute decorating idea:

Oh my, what a  LOT OF FOOD! Of course I can’t make everything on this list; I would end up with enough food for a small country. The hard part for me is choosing which of these delicious foods will show up on my table for Easter dinner.

This week, be sure to remember that Stick Boy Bread Company is your go-to place for delicious baked goods. They have darling Easter cookies, light-as-air Panettone, hot cross buns, Summer Stollen, and much, much more. You can sign up to receive their weekly newsletter if you want to stay current of what specialty items they’re baking each week.

As I’ve been going through recipes today, I’ve found that I don’t have a clear idea of what traditional Easter food is. What about you? Are there traditional Easter foods that you’ve grown up eating and simply MUST have to really make it a proper Easter dinner?

Barb, writing for My Sister’s Kitchen


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