Tasty Tuesday: Planning for Christmas!

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only 24 days away. Planning for Christmas food is always a little different for me than planning for Thanksgiving. For one thing, I try to bake all month long so I have goodies to give as gifts as well as sufficient food for hospitality. The other difference is that Christmas is rarely a traditional meal in our house. That means I spend about three weeks trying to figure out what special, amazing delectably delicious foods I want to see on my Christmas table.


This post is going to be a little different than the usual format. Each day between now and Christmas, I’ll be adding a link to a special Christmas recipe that I plan to be making on that particular day. So check back each day for new ideas.

December 1: Even though I’ve posted these recipes before on High Country Mom Squad, I want to remind you of them. Having the right smells and tastes around the house can really set a festive Christmas mood. So today, start with Mulled Spiced Cider or Homemade Hot Chocolate and let the smells of Christmas set the mood for the day. At the end of the day, the adults might even¬† like some Hot Buttered Rum.

December 2: Some might say that it’s a little late to be starting on this, but realistically, I NEVER get started on Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving. So today is the day to sit down and make a list of everyone that I will need a Christmas gift for. This includes everyone ranging from my husband and kids to the relatives in a distant state to the mail man and the folks my husband works with.

Once I have my list, I start filling in ideas on what to give. Today, I need to think through the gifts that need to be mailed ASAP. Most of the time those gifts are something homemade, like jams, jellies, homemade syrups, etc. And most of the time, those gifts are already made. It’s a little late to start the jam-making process right now, but I am noting on my calendar that I need to be sure to get that finished by late September next year.

The gifts I want to start working on today are gifts-in-a-jar. My goal, in this planning process, is to have most of the gifts for out-of-town friends and family ready to take to the post office by Saturday.

December 3:

Still working on the gifts-in-a-jar concept. Today is the day to assemble jars of Russian Tea Mix. I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing truly Russian about this sweet tea mix, but it does make a fun gift.

Today is also the day to make fast and easy no-fail fudge. Fudge ships well, so I’ll be mailing a lot of that. This recipe couldn’t get any easier, so I’ll probably enlist whichever boy happens to have time on his hands. (They’ve been making this fudge since they were tiny kids.)

December 4:

Okay, today is the last day of making goodies to ship off. The two really special items that I’m working on today will be our favorite Caramel Corn recipe and Christmas Toffee. Both of these are awesome recipes.

December 5:

Quick! One last round of goodies before I head off to the post office before it closes at noon today….the very easy, very fast Peppermint Bark. This is a great item for a gift basket of Christmas treats.

December 6:

Today’s recipe also makes a good item for shipping to out-of-towners, but it’s also just delicious to take to a Christmas party or keep around the house for guests: Dreamsicle Fudge.¬† I think I like it so much because it’s a change from the chocolate, mint, or cinnamon flavors that seem to be my theme in Christmas goodies.

December 7:

Just today my sister posted a GREAT, easy gift idea. If you still need a special little something for your kids’ teachers or for the UPS delivery person or the person who cuts your hair, this is the ticket: Apple Cider Cinnamon Jelly!

Check out the new recipe for Buffalo Chip Cookies. These also make nice teacher gifts or special tokens of appreciation.

During the month of December be sure to stop by My Sister’s Kitchen for a new cookie recipe as Laura and I share a Cookie a Day, every day of December.


Don’t forget to check back here each day until next Tasty Tuesday!

Barb Kelley