Tasty Tuesday: Warm Sunday Evenings on the Front Porch

Some summer evenings are just too warm for a hot meal and today was one of those days. We eat most of our meals out on our front porch at this time of year. Tonight my goal was to create dinner out of the contents of my fridge and NOT use my oven or stove. Once I actually got going, it was pretty easy to pull together enough variety of tasty things that everyone really wanted to eat.Front porch dinner

Here’s what ended up on our menu:

    • asiago
    • pepperjack
    • extra sharp white cheddar
    • mozzarella
  • crab dip
  • cole slaw
  • fresh strawberries
  • quartered tomatoes
  • carrots and celery with ranch dressing

Amazingly, everyone had great plenty to eat. It was a perfect front porch picnic.

Barb Kelley- 

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