Tasty Tuesday: Week 3 of Christmas eating!

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Okay, now I’m getting serious about things. Last night we had a family meeting to discuss our Christmas giving, Christmas gifts, and hospitality plans. We also put a few things on the calendar, like baking days.  I’m starting to feel a little urgent about a few gifts that I still haven’t mailed off. So….I’m still making lists!

If you’re just joining us, please check out Week 1 and Week 2 of this Christmas season. You’ll find LOTS of good recipes in those posts!


This is the week to start making decisions about what you’ll be serving for Christmas dinner. Many families also have traditional Christmas Eve meals, so think that through as well. What special foods will you need? What special prep will these meals require? Most important, who do you want to share these meals with?

Around my house, the baking gets a little more intense this week. Half the boys in my house are done with finals and the other half are still working hard through Wednesday. That means I’ll have some help in the kitchen. Sometime this week, I need to schedule a Banket day. I’ll post more about that later.

drum 3

December 15:

Last year, a friend of mine, Briva, shared her holiday favorite with me: Tres Leches Cake. Briva grew up eating traditional Cuban food during the Christmas season and this cake remains her absolute favorite. It’s incredibly rich and definitely worth trying.

December 16:

Today is Gingerbread day! This is almost my favorite holiday treat. I like it so much that most years I have gingerbread for my birthday cake (and my birthday is in January!) The only time of year where I actually make gingerbread is during the Christmas season. This recipe is easy and super delicious. I love this with a dollop of whipped cream but it also can be served with lemon sauce.

December 17:

Good food doesn’t just happen after 6 PM. We like special Christmas breakfast foods around here too! This is a great breakfast PIE.

December 18:

Today’s recipe is for the essential Dutch treat, banket.  There is NO OTHER FOOD that says Christmas in our family like banket does. This is our favorite.

Check out the original banket post as well as the post on how to make your own almond paste if you aren’t in possession of a 7 pound can of it already.

December 19:

What a GREAT snowy day. Check out the surprise Snowed-in Saturday post for some fun food ideas for the snowy day.

December 20:

Time for Dream Bars!

December 21:

This is my very most favorite sugar cookie recipe. Every Christmas cookie platter needs to include them. They’re very simple and plain next to all the fancy decorated Christmas cookies but they pack a huge butter wallop!

Remember to check back each day for new recipes and ideas.

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Barb Kelley

PS: Yes, I know those aren’t photos of food, but I couldn’t help myself. I love Christmas decorations!