Teach Your Kids About Recycling, and Help the Playhouse!

Mom Squad reader, Anna sent me this information about recycling your yogurt containers, from the director of the Children’s Playhouse. Anna has 2 children, ages 1-3, and is very environmentally conscious. This is a great lesson to teach our children about reducing trash.

You could also show them what will be done with them, by planting something in one of the containers. It will almost be time to plant lettuce and leafy greens, and start tomatoes and herbs indoors before moving them to outdoor pots or gardens. Chives do well in small containers, and can be used rather quickly after sprouting.

Reduce Trash and Help Kids!

Finally, a use for those yogurt containers piling up in your kitchen! Yogurt containers cannot be recycled in Boone, but now you can bring them back to the grocery store and help a great local nonprofit! Bring your clean 6oz and 32oz yogurt containers to Earthfare, Lowe’s Foods, Harris Teeter, or the Children’s Playhouse and help the Playhouse earn money from each container. These containers will be reused by Terracycle for planting pots. What a great win-win for everyone! All proceeds benefit The Children’s Playhouse, a nonprofit children’s museum in Boone. For more information call The Children’s Playhouse, 828-263-0011.

I’m learning a lot lately about ways to honor the earth that I believe God created. Don, AKA “The Bald Guy” can take a lot of the credit for my increasing “green-ness.” Is that a word? Anyway, what are some ways you reduce, reuse and recycle with your kids?

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  1. Parkway School is doing a recycling contest for plastic bags (grocery store, walmart, drug store, etc.). This in in conjunction with Harris Teeter and Trex, who will recycle the bags in composite lumber. If your kids go to Parkway, the contest is from 3/3-4/9. But, I guess the bags could be recycled at HT as well.

  2. I love the Bugs on Green fabric . . . and also the frogs! mistymeadow2[at]yahoo[dot]com

  3. Faith Mountain Momma says

    LOVE the chalkboard placemat idea and the Black with Neon print.