The Battle of the Backpacks

The annual ritual… we visit my mom, usually right before school starts. She has this great tradition of getting the girls new backpacks or dance bags, building excitement for the start of the “year.”

This year, we went down and had a wonderful visit with my mom, brothers, SIL, and nephews (no nieces yet… ahem, come on guys…). We walked into Target, and zeroed in on our target: The backpacks! They covered the wall, so many choices, like a huge tapestry of…


I felt like the guy in Clockwork Orange with my eyelids pried open, forced to stare at Hannah Montana until I couldn’t help but sing The Best of Both Worlds at the top of my lungs for hours. I just had to get to a Karaoke Bar, and fast! (do you think they would have The Best of Both Worlds at a karaoke bar?)

Hip Chick was getting sucked in quickly, as well. We had talked about the fact that she wouldn’t get a backpack with a character (read: Miley Cyrus, or her evil blonde twin) hugely displayed all over it. I told her we could get some patches or keychains to hang on it if they didn’t have an understated design. She had agreed, but as we got closer to the shrine, she grabbed one with a larger-than-life secret pop star staring at us, and said, “Mommy, I really want it!”

Uh oh. All I could do was pray, “Lord, how do I convince her without crushing her innocent admiration of Hannah Montana, thus, causing years of therapy bills in her decreasingly distant future?”

Then she saw it. Our saving backpack. It was an adorable backpack with a small understated logo for the Littlest Pet Shop! Pink and purple with a cute green frog and stars. It had, not one, but TWO pockets in the front… and she fell in love with it.

Who says God doesn’t answer prayers?.