The Bread List: A New Bread in Town!

Bruce Ezzell has lived in the High Country for many years, and many people here call him friend. A few words I would use to describe Bruce: Family Man, Gardener, Bee-Keeper/Honey-Maker, Kind, Wise, Gotee’d. For him, the economic downturn was a chance to return to a craft he’d loved, while trying to survive the recession. When Bruce started baking organic bread again, he created a new Company: The Bread List.

Bruce shared a little about his history in baking and the creation of the Bread List:Bruce Headshot

I’ve been baking for 20 years now. Five years professionally from 89-94, then what I called ‘sanity baking’ after that. Newly married with kids on the way, I wanted a steady paycheck with better hours, so I left baking for different career options. Last fall’s ‘economic downturn’ changed things for me. I lost my job in January. Boone, NC, where I live, is a small town, and little work was available. Friends who knew I baked and had eaten my bread before suggested I pick up some extra work baking. I thought, what the heck, I’ve got little else to do, and at least this I enjoy. In February I was asked if I made bagels. No, but I’ll learn anything. Approximately 7000 bagels later, I’ve got a fledgling micro bakery/bagelry business that takes all my time. I haven’t had a day off since I lost my job and I’ve had more fun than I’ve had in years.

Bruce provided me with some bread and bagels to try, so that I could share a review with you. Even though Bruce is my friend, I have to tell you the truth! They were heavenly! Bruce says that his ingredients are 100%organic, with no chemicals or preservatives.

Bagels: I had the Classic White, Poppy Seed, Cinnamon Cranberry and 100% Whole Wheat bagels. Well, they didn’t even last two days. The kids gobbled them up (and shhh… I did too) The outside was firm, but the inside was soft and yummy. When toasted in the toaster oven, the bagels were a perfect combination of crisp and chewy. If you like a sweet bagel, the Cinnamon Cranberry is for you! (My husband loves those) The 100% Multi-Grain (with Rye) will give a more savory taste, and the Classic is a perfect canvas for whatever condiments you love on a bagel. Of course, the 100% Whole Wheat bagel is a more dense texture, but it’s perfect for those eating a Low Glycemic Index diet.

Bread List

Rye Bread: To try a Rye Bread, I went straight for the Heavy-Duty stuff!! The Avergne Rye (with sourdough starter, 73% rye) is a Rye Bread worthy of the most dedicated rye lover! A dense loaf with intense flavor, this bread was just fabulous!  I ate it toasted with butter or cream chese on it, and then, I made some Bruchetta with it.  Here is the video of the Bruchetta recipe.  One correction: in the video, I say this is German Rye, but it’s actually French (thus, the French name)  I do recommend that if you’re trying Rye for the first time, or like a mild rye flavor, you try the milder varieties first!

So how do you order some bread and bagels from The Bread List?

  • Go to
  • Choose from the menu
  • Call 828-262-1697 or email Sunday Monday and Tuesday for delivery Thursday, Friday and Saturday