The Children’s Council of Watauga Needs Your Help

The Children’s Council of Watauga is the area branch of the North Carolina Smart Start Program.

What is Smart Start?

Smart Start was created in 1993 as an innovative solution to a problem: Children were coming to school unprepared to learn.

Policymakers recognized that progress would require tapping into the same innovative spirit that inspired private sector advances, and therefore, established Smart Start as a public/private partnership. Independent, private organizations work in all 100 North Carolina counties through The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc., and 77 Local Partnerships.

The power of Smart Start is that it delivers outcomes by giving communities local control to determine the best approach to achieving them.

According to the Children’s Council of Watauga’s program manager the program receives calls daily from parents that are in desperate need of diapers and wipes.  Most of them don’t have any at all and can’t afford them until payday.

Can you imagine being out of diapers for your little one for days on end?  I’m sure all of us have been in a pinch once in a while, but I am sure that there are few of us who wouldn’t be able to get a hold of some rather quickly.

The Children’s Council of Watauga is putting out a call to ask for help for any moms organizations, individuals, agencies or churches who would be willing to put together a diaper drive to help out needy moms in the area.  What about you?  Are you in the position to help in any way?

Check out this inspiring story from a student who put together a diaper drive for needy moms.